This system was developed for the US NAVSPECWARCOM (SEAL TEAMS). It does not stem from any martial arts nor is it a combination of martial arts or any other fighting system. It was founded from principles of psychology, physiology and physical movement. It is “special” meaning the only one of its kind, Jerry Peterson was contracted by the US NAVY SEALs to develop their official program click here to learn about the history of SCARS.


Developed for combat covering every aspect of combat fighting on the ground, in the air, in the water and including zero gravity situations in space.


The elimination of fear based training or defensive tactics found in every other fighting system in the world. SCARS is considered highly aggressive due to the utilization of Peterson’s process to eliminate fear from the mind during combat. This is the first system to use a purely offensive mindset throughout the entire use of the system.


Named after the purpose of the US Navy SEAL Teams, a reactionary force. In laymen terms with the use of force they respond to offensive attacks and hostage situations that have already taken place.


This is a system of several sciences and principles applied on many levels to create a replicable learning process. Rather than having a small handful of prized students in other training environments, every student becomes 100% proficient in the SCARS system. The SCARS Institute of Combative Sciences (SICS) founded by Jerry Peterson continues to be the leader in developing proactive solutions to the worst lethal situations humans may be put in. We take the time to use our sciences to provide real solutions that work 100% of the time. That’s why nothing in our training relies on speed, strength or conditioning the body to receive blows.

What We Offer

SICS focus is developing life saving information based on its proprietary sciences of training humans to function under stress, serving two major groups:

The Public
Through seminars and video training SICS goal is to provide the public with some of the life saving mental and physical training developed originally for US Special Forces.

Military, Government and Private Sectors
We offer the development and implementation of force multiplier training programs. This is done within the government sectors of Military, Law Enforcement, Aviation and the Transportation Industry, including the private sector. Our expertise is in developing rapid deployment programs for immediate results and long-term effectiveness for groups as large as the US Special Forces. The SICS training cadre offer current expertise in the most demanding aspects of tactical training click here to view Tactical Courses and COI details.

Who Has Used Us?

For the past 20 years the SCARS Institute of Combative Sciences has procured numerous military, (US Army, US Air Force, US Marines, US NAVSPECWARCOM (SEAL TEAMS), NAVY SPECIAL BOAT UNITS, law enforcement’s SWAT, US MARSHALS, US AIR MARSHALS, US TREASURY DEPARTMENT, FBI etc. and private sector tactical training contracts. These contracts have been performed in North and South America, throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Competitive Advantages

The unprecedented access to current training standards and technology via our elite personnel’s various tactical backgrounds set SICS as the premier provider of tactical training bar none. No other private company can offer the specialized expertise in an arena where there is no margin for error. The SCARS Institute is willing and capable to develop any program to solve any special needs in the ever-changing security world.


Join the many military, law enforcement and private sector clients who have dramatically improved their readiness and expertise by training with the experts of the SCARS Institute of Combative Sciences. Not only have our clients saved incredible amounts of money in equipment purchases but more importantly many credit the SICS Training Cadre with saving the lives of their operators with the excellent training they have received in our courses of instruction.