They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible.

Learn why SCARS is the most credible threat elimination training system in the world!

The Conception of SCARS began in real combat 1968-69 Vietnam.
Jerry L. Peterson, then a soldier serving two combat tours in the elite Army Reaction Force of the 173rd Airborne Charlie Company, found that the close combat training Jerry Peterson had received was nearly useless against the grim realities of 20th century warfare. Jerry Peterson and the soldiers in his unit were forced to learn close combat by trial and error, in a place where error meant death. Jerry Peterson was convinced there had to be a better way to train for and successfully execute close combat.

The Psychological Development of the Fearless Mind-Set Process.
Jerry Peterson formulated concepts and theories that applied to human movement and psychological survival under do-or-die conditions. His early analytical and physical techniques worked, giving him the tools to survive numerous combat engagements. Jerry wanted more, he wanted to know why humans would be fearless one day and then frozen in fear the next resulting in death.

Jerry Peterson would discover and verify after 20 years of personal research that he had created a process to eliminate fear. This meant the total destruction of fear in the human brain. Not controlling fear with over training or conquering fear with shear will power, he simply removed it from the psyche of the human brain. Accomplishing the first goal of human control, a fearless mind-set, he discovered the mind controlled other human processes that inevitably lead to life or death in a high-risk action.

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SCARS was developed at SEAL Command! It was an “In House” training program…

Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems

This system was developed at the USNAVSPECWARCOM (SEAL TEAMS). It does not stem from any martial arts nor is it a combination of martial arts or any other fighting system. It was founded from principles of psychology, physiology and physical movement. It is “special” meaning the only one of its kind.

Developed for combat covering every aspect of combat fighting on the ground, in the air, in the water and including zero gravity situations in space.

The elimination of fear based training or defensive tactics found in every other fighting system in the world. Military SCARS is considered highly aggressive due to the utilization of Jerry Peterson’s process to eliminate fear from the mind during combat. This is the first system to use a purely offensive mindset throughout the entire use of the system.

Named specifically for the US NAVY SEALs, they are an reactionary force to foreign hostile attacks.

This is a system of several sciences and principles applied on many levels to create a replicable learning process. Rather than having a small handful of prized students in other training environments, every student becomes 100% proficient in the SCARS system.

The Development of SCARS

In 1988 Jerry Peterson’s credibility received the attention of the United States Navy Special Warfare Command at Coronado, CA (US Navy SEAL headquarters). The Special Warfare Department of the Navy began contracting Jerry. Peterson and his corporation to develop a program, later titled “the SCARS project,” that would universally apply both physiological and physical fields of CQB (Close Quarters Battle).

Between November 1988 and February 1989 Jerry Peterson and the US Navy began testing the SCARS project using combat veterans within the SEAL ranks. The Navy was restricted to combat veterans that had either real world hand-to-hand combat and/or advanced training in any form of fighting art (martial arts).

“… I consider a large part of the future of Naval Special Warfare greatly depends on the SCARS/CFC System. Special Operations personnel are anytime, anyplace soldiers with a very difficult mission…. We cannot afford indecision or lack of confidence at a critical time. However, the SCARS/CFC System greatly enhances the skills of a soldier, mentally and physically, thereby greatly increasing mission success.”

Michael D., USN


SCARS is 100% effective in all CQB actions.

After three months of physical testing the Navy agreed that SCARS had proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not to stem from a style of martial arts. This system could possibly be the standard for hand-to-weapons combat for the US Navy Special Warfare Command Department (SEALS).

In March 1989 the Navy and Jerry Peterson agreed that further development and testing was warranted. The Navy agreed not to divulge any information on the SCARS project to the public. Jerry Peterson also agreed not to release any mission specific information about the training and SCARS. Should SCARS be given official sanction and approval by NETC, (Command for Navy Educational Training) limited statements could then be released.

Being classified information allowed SCARS to be tested in every condition of international combat and/or police action that arose where the military may be used. Around April of 1989 the Department of the Navy officially contracted Mr. Peterson and his corporation to begin further development of the SCARS program.

“In today’s high tech military, the most important weapon system in the Naval Special Warfare inventory is the Navy SEAL himself. The SCARS training has given new teeth to the term ‘The Naked Warrior’.”



The SCARS project was tasked with four main objectives:
1. Develop and implement a hand-to-weapons program for the Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDS).
2. Develop and implement a platoon combat course for qualifying platoon deployment.
3. Develop and implement combat ready course for Special Boat Units.
4. Develop and implement a Force Multiplier program to certify U.S. Navy SEALs as subject matter experts in the field of Hand-to-weapon combat, both in non-lethal and lethal use of force.

From 1989 to 1994 Jerry Peterson personally headed up the development and training of the SCARS programs. After 5-1/2 years of development and testing of SCARS by the Special Warfare Command the US NAVY SEALs received official approval from the Navy Department of Education CNET. This was the first time in the history of the US Navy that a hand-to-weapons system had officially been approved as a standard of combat. Click here to see official documents. To date, Jerry Peterson is the only individual ever to have established a proven set of principles based in modern sciences.

After official approval of all of the SCARS programs Mr. Peterson licensed the Navy to conduct the SCARS Force Multiplier Train the Trainer Program. This was a Level 2 300 hour SCARS “Train the Trainer” course was developed and instructed by Jerry Peterson.  This final course was the procurement of Jerry Peterson’s work for USNAVSPECWARCOM.  Shortly after the SCARS/CFC (Combat Fighting Course) was officially implemented the US Navy West-coast command requested a SCARS military demonstration.

“In my 29 years of NSW I have had numerous hand to hand courses, this is the only one I feel confident and positive the fighting system will work in combat and would be extremely beneficial to the NSW operator.”

Roger H., CWO3, USN


The SCARS program was presented to The United States Secretary Of State, the Commanding Four Star General of the US Army, the Secretary of the Navy and other political personnel whom all gave their overwhelming approval of the program.

This program taught by Level 2 SCARS Instructors was a “closed” course, meaning there was only a certain allotment of trainees that could request a slot to go through the program.  The SCARS train the trainer program produced over 300 SCARS subject matter experts in the field of non-lethal to lethal hand-to-weapons action. Thousands of US military personnel have gone though the SCARS programs.

During this time, 1 in 10 Navy SEALs was a subject matter expert in SCARS and qualified to train other SEALs.  After the Force Multiplier program was completed the Instructor program was finalized and later in 1998 only the “SCARS Train the Trainer Program” was officially canceled.  Today SCARS principles and the Offensive Mindset™ are still taught and utilized within the Special Forces Community.

No military SCARS instructor is allowed to teach the SCARS programs outside of the military. To this date Mr. Peterson has restricted all licenses to certify subject matter experts in the SCARS system of sciences solely to the US Special Operation Community.

“Based on my personal observations, participant course critiques and similar endorsements provided by Naval Special Warfare Center instructors and West Coast SEAL Teams, I highly recommend SCARS training be incorporated into EAST Coast pre-deployment training. I would encourage each Team Commanding Officer to take advantage of the excellent training course. It is worth it.”

Commanding Officer, NSW, Unit TWO