Don't miss out on this limited addition coin.

The SCARS Institute is offering this limited addition coin designed by the creator of SCARS, Jerry Peterson. This large coin is both nickel and gold plated to highlight the notorious SCARS emblem. The diameter of this coin is 1 and 3/4 inches and its 3/16 of an inch thick! All the letters and SCARS design are polished and raised along with the entire parameter of the coin, adding that tasteful and classic appearance.

This is not just a coin!

This coin is not just a regular piece of art, it's a challenge coin! Whether you're out with peers or attending a live SCARS course, you have the power to call a challenge.

Here's how it works...

If you've attended a SCARS seminar, then you understand the close bond that is formed with your peers during that short time. After a long day of training most of you were licking your wounds over a nice warm meal with your buds. If you had a SCARS challenge coin you could have made a challenge for a free meal or round of drinks. Pull out your SCARS coin and slam it on the table! Hopefully...all your peers would have the coin as well, but there's always someone who forgets to bring it! A poor victim who now has to pay for a round of drinks or everyone's meal.

Remember, this challenge coin doesn't just apply to SCARS gatherings. It lasts a lifetime! You may decide to use your challenge coin amongst your friends who share the same ideals as you. This collectible piece is a must have!

Be a part of the SCARS challenge, 100% the best and "Proven in Combat!"

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