Reveals the truth about how anyone can tap into the power of the MIND!


"The PDPS Mind Control program empowers the world's most powerful weapon, the human brain! When, life presents you with problems…well, this program has been the tool to get me on my feet.  As the saying goes… if you do not go within, you go without! Simply put, buy this product it works!" - Kenny Johnson, Norway

This is proven Mind Control, Jerry Peterson used this knowledge in the battlefields of Vietnam to conquer, FEAR, PAIN, DISEASE, and INJURY.

Because of Mr. Peterson's training system, Military men use portions of its power to eliminate FEAR in Combat! Mr. Peterson found proven techniques of subconscious scanning that allowed him to sense the enemy. During a tour in Vietnam he was called upon to find an enemy unit because the dog tracking team lost the trail. To everyone's surprise 18 miles later the enemy was found!!! Peterson never had a doubt in his mind he wouldn't find them! That's amazing!

It was rumored in the past that Peterson used Mind Control Powers at a subconscious level to persuade and influence the US Navy Command to buy off on his SCARS fighting system. Mr. Peterson laughs at such statements, but to this day no one has repeated his accomplishments.

Jerry Peterson has lectured certain groups of military men back east to mentally influence the enemy to expose their position and present a target of opportunity.

Just think if you could influence people around you to do anything you want! You might have just stumbled on a chance of a lifetime!

Please remember you're receiving this information because you took a chance on the SCARS system and it was all true!

Now you can go to where the real power is, Mind Control! Take a look at the TV series "Mind Control." Would you like to achieve that and more? If so you must start somewhere, right?

To get you started now, we have added below an introduction from a live PDPS training camp taught to the Knight's of SCARS.

Before you participate in this program it is important to define the following words; Brain, Mind, Belief, Faith, God, Religion, Spiritual and Science.

To be frank it is a product of experiences gathered via the five senses. Whereas the experience results in a belief that whatever caused the experience can be reproduced or cannot! Experience does not always mean a physical action, it can be anything the five senses pick up and code into the brain, conscious or subconscious. Once coded it becomes the premise of thought this action causes self talk! It is important to know that one's belief's can affect their own ability to change their brain, because in order to alter its physical values there must be no conflict within.

Believing in the unseen and physically acting as though it is real until it becomes real, and once real it is no longer faith but reality!

God is best defined by the word perfection, meaning that which is absolute, not controlled by time, it is preexistence! If one has intellect there can be no argument to the definition of perfection, the action of debating perfection is imperfect. (Alpha and Omega is not relevant to God and cannot be considered in God's definition. Doing so would put God within a limited universe controlled by time as though God was man.)

Religion is how one chooses to conduct his or her life by sets of defined rules and protocols which this person uses to demonstrate the religion.

The understanding and belief of an existence that is beyond the physical reach of science at this time because it is a timeless property. Further "Spiritual" should be the dominant component of a religion, when religion begins to dominate the spiritual it is then conflicts and breaks harmony with God.

People often use science and religion to describe the same action or meaning and they are not the same. Science is the rediscovery of the physical world by way of empirical evidence anything other is considered a Theory. A scientific theory is nothing more than a Belief! In order to be a scientific fact a person must act in faith and bring forth their theory and prove it with empirical facts.

It would be nice if we humans had just a brain without the mind. You may be asking, "Aren't they one in the same? One can't exist without the other? Right?!" Not true, the brain can exist without a mind, however without the mind there is no YOU!

The brain is nothing more than a physical glob of matter that sits between you ears. Its function is to produce and electrical charge to millions of cells that make up the brain. Each cell carries three atoms a Positive, Negative and Neutral and other things that form a type of magnetic universe that binds each cell.

I'm telling you about these atoms for their importance to each cell. The arrangement of these three atoms causes the cell to receive or repel an electoral charge or stop its flow altogether. The electrical charge is increased or decreased by way of a complex chemical process which must remain in balance. When the chemical balance is out of order bad things happen.

That's why you are going to learn to set(recode) or reset(decode) your brain and maintain it.

The brain is not to be confused or used in this course as that which thinks. The brain no matter what you have heard or been told has only one function to serve the scientific principle of cause and effect, it will not survive without stimulus.

"The brain is only the physical engine, we must learn to understand the blue print and use the tools correctly!" - Jerry Peterson

Mind: The Mental Toolbox

The mind is who you think you are and how you think you know patterns of what you perceive to be reality. You were not born with a toolbox you were born with one blue print and basic tools to construct this magnificent mental toolbox that we call the "Human Mind."

So how did our mind develop? The world did it through a set of random events of stimuli, then good old Mom and Dad were suppose to know the blueprint and work the tools to maximize your brains ability's until you could do it yourself. Since that's not the case for 99.99% of the population we must learn to fix the engine(brain) since it's only out of balance. Everyone needs to be tuned up, some more than others due to the mathematical factoring of experiential events in ones life.

Our minds are affected and stimulated by everything and anything, good or bad in past or present your brain is building the toolbox from the moment of stimulus by Causation Imprints. A Master Causation Imprint(MCI) is coded with just two components. One is the stimulus(cause); the other is the prime emotion(effect). The prime emotion has within a negative and a positive(negative is fear, positive is void of fear) only one prime emotion can be coded into the MCI.

Now it gets interesting because the five senses come into play. At your age each of your five senses by now have all types of mutated CI's of which at the moment of sensational activation will attach to the MCI creating a very particular code that can only be triggered by two events; outside cause or the mind recreating the cause. This is positive for the most part it's the very coding effect that gives you, your individual personalities!

"The growing sense of power I have over my mind and body is just amazing!  I don't have to "feel tired" on a long work day... I can grow muscle more quickly, stay cooler on a hot summer day... And I'm even sensing greater control over how quickly my body heals...Thank you so much for releasing the Mind Control series! Its applications seem endless... It is part of my daily routine and it will be forever!" - Neil R. PalmquistCorning, NY 

The brain is nothing more than the provable, meaning; it is physical and visible to the naked eye. However, the mind is the sum total of life experiences and is therefore specific to each individual and NOT visible to the naked eye or even the most powerful microscope.

"The fact is if we could see it we would validate the existence of the human soul!" - Jerry Peterson

I explain the previous so you have a clear definition of how I intend to use these words in this program. It is important to define their meanings now as the whole program is about defining how the brain functions and this is only possible by way of linguistics. These eight words have broad meaning as they are often used in debates of a philosophical nature and that is just what we DON'T need. There is absolutely nothing philosophical about decoding or recoding the brain to perform at a much higher level allowing your body to perform in superior ways, period!

However we have only words to do it with, and therein lies a small problem, the tool you and I will use to formulate words is the emotional mind, and to further complicate this, we have five senses that feed the mind with information. But wait there is more!

Each five senses carry a sub-coding action that is on autopilot. Meaning that for every bit of information being sent and received the five senses can have a factor of 5 to the 5th power of emotions that create altering effects to your subconscious. This is why people are so different in personalities, it is also why as humans we use so little of our brain. How are you going to control your life if your brain is on autopilot and your mind is unaware of how to decode and recode information it is receiving on a subconscious level?

You will learn the answers in this series, and you will also learn to control the functions that control your body's health!

What you're about to attempt is more than a standard meditation technique or state induction. This is dynamic recoding by way of standard and not so standard Alpha, Theta, and Delta training methods. You will learn to control your brain and body by way of your emotional mind.

You now know the Mind controls the Brain. The Mind is the key to open the unlimited power of mankind. And anyone with a healthy brain can master the powers of the mind!

The first step is to understand that the mind must learn to tune into the brains specific levels for each level has a dominant role to perform thereby enhancing either physical power or mental abilities in you and in others!

These are tools found within this series!

The Cure:
Like a Doctor gives you an exact prescription to cure your illness Mr. Peterson prescribes the proper way to build the tools to repair your mind and brain. This is so very important because without the proper tools you cannot fix anything!

  • You will learn the proper way to develop your mind control construct.
  • Learn to correctly build your mental settings.
  • Start the process of coding and recoding you mind.
  • Rid yourself of doubt, fear, and both unhealthy and uncontrollable feelings and urges.
  • Learn and use the processes to rid yourself of physical disease, pain, and injury.
  • Change and influence others around you to be positive in their own lives.
  • Make financial leaps and bounds with the proper tools to control everything in your life!

There are two sets of audio CD's in this package:

  • One set of three CD's uses music composed by Mr. Peterson himself to properly guide you through the mental exercise with a nice musical melody for those who are musically inclined.
  • The other set of three CD's uses a metronomic beat rather than music.

Get this amazing series now!

Learn to control your mind. Mind control is so easy that all you need is a comfortable chair, couch, bed or just to go out for a walk!

This is a mental program that will physically change your life for the better!

However to do that you must first physically place the order!

So stop thinking about it and just do it!

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