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  • SCARS Core Foundation
  • Counter Ground Fighting
  • Involuntary Reactions
  • Lethal and Non-Lethal Control Tactics
  • Original Web Archive Series
  • Multi-Attacker Survival
  • Fitness, Balance & Rehab - Follow along on your phone at the gym!
  • Club, Bat, Ax Disarmament & Usage
  • Knife Disarmament & Usage Training
  • Handgun Disarmament Series
  • Rifle/Shotgun Disarmament Series
  • Original Combat Fighting Course with Online Manual
  • Law Enforcement Course #0005160 with Online Manual
  • Women's Survival Series with Online Manual
  • Transportation Tactics & Training
  • Seminar Lectures & Lessons
  • Naval Special Warfare Instructor Development Lectures
  • Post 9/11 Training at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • SCARS Continuation Training
  • Building Blocks of A Fearless Life (Mindset Audio Training)

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Training Partners

As a member of the On Demand Training you will also be able to find Training Partners in your area! This is something that we have been working hard to give you access to. While you can definitely train on your own and still effectively learn all of the lessons, think about how amazing it would be to train with like minded individuals who want to keep getting better and better along with you! Be sure to update your profile area with your city and state to see all of the possible training partners in your area!

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Every penny you spend goes straight into your SSA (SCARS Savings Account). You have absolutely nothing to lose as we are giving back to you to help with your tuition fee to come through Live Training Events! Everyone should come through one, or more, seminars to get the most information for their money. These training events are one of a kind and you will never hear the same information twice. Not only that, but you will be trained by Jerry AND Blake Peterson the founder and creators!

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