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  • Learn the SCARS Offensive Mindset and Eliminate FEAR
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You can learn to erase fear from your your life , and survive any attack!

What You Will Learn

Program yourself to Eliminate self-doubt!

Get our Scientifically proven SCARS Mindset that will help you begin to eliminate fear, hesitation, and self-doubt in your life, not just in extreme situations.

Eliminate all forms of physical attacks

Covering all physics and geometrical constants that eliminate the ability for an attacker to do what they are good at. We are talking every type of attack including multiple attackers!

The secrets to making any weapon a joke

Covering the worst knife and club or sword attacks imaginable. Not only will you learn to stop any type of real knife or club attack; we will show you how to use them!

Proper Firearm Disarmament and Retention

We show you how to get out of the worst of hostage and real world situations. You will even learn how to control where the gun may go off in order to save those around you!

This Program is For Men & Women Who Are Ready To Protect Themselves

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Training

“It is amazing how easy the human body can be devastated (using SCARS) … It is now my choice to walk away from any confrontation with confidence because I know that I have the ability to destroy any man”

Paul L. Crotty, Commanding Officer, US Marine Corps

“As a scientist, I love SCARS because of the strong science base. The creators are brilliant and their principles are scientifically sound… I was a high level martial artist in Kempo. I've done some Aikido, jiu-jitsu and SCARS is hands down the best system of fighting—bar none.”

John Trioani, Maple Grove, MN

“As Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Officer I was personally involved in screening a number of hand-to-hand fighting systems … the SCARS system was superior to the competition … In today’s hi tech military, the most important weapon system in the Naval Special Warfare inventory is the individual Navy SEAL himself. SCARS training has given new teeth to the term 'The Naked Warrior'”

David W. Landis, LCDR, USN

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