SCARS US D.O.D. Special Operations 300 Hour Instructor Course Outline

OFFICIAL NAVYSPECWARCOM TRAINEE GUIDE For SCARS 300 Hour LEVEL-1 Instructor Course. This is the outline and proof of the actual Instructor course, not the actual SCARS training taught to the NAVY SEALs and US Special Forces. This document along with others on this site proves SCARS was taught beyond the B.U.D.S. level.


This outline was used a guide to training Navy SEAL SCARS Instructors, of which approximately 300 NAVY SEALs that went through the program became SCARS Instructors. That meant that at the time 1 out of 10 NAVY SEALs was a SCARS Instructor. From these Instructors 1000's of US Special Forces and attached were trained in SCARS.  These instructors continued to train SCARS for many years to other SEALs and deployed personnel attached to thier units.  

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