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"Jerry's system works but what is more impressive is that he can defend it. I've worked with a lot of lesser instructors who teach a lot of stuff but they aren't able to justify it. Jerry got bombarded by everyone with every conceivable scenario imaginable and he was able to give an answer, then show why it would work so you would get the principle. That demands a great deal of respect because this man knows his subject. I can't think of any other field where an expert would have such a free-form exchange with students. Working and learning from someone like that makes this whole course worth it. Why spend little bits of money on people who don't know anything when you can come here and get it all?"
Peter G. Fort Wayne, IN
"I learned more about fighting in five minutes on the ground... (one on one) with Jerry (he fought, I wrestled) than I had learned all my life training in various martial arts. I did a six month course with one of (Paul) Vunak's instructors and that was a bunch of crap! After these four days, I know what Vunak taught would have got me killed if I went out and got in a fight. You definitely have to do the hands-on training with Jerry. The instructors provide insight you can't get from the tapes."
Emile Allen Honesdale, PA
"One of the best things about the course for me was the hands-on approach of the instructors. Any time you had a problem an instructor would come over and would do the technique with you. You always felt comfortable letting the instructor demonstrate the techniques because you knew they were competent and I knew I wouldn't be hurt. They wanted you to learn. There was no intimidation by the instructors, they were professional and eager to teach. The great thing was having an instructor come over unrequested and have him offer instruction on a particular technique. They monitored everyone and helped us constantly to accelerate the training experience and increase our confidence. I cannot believe how my ability and mindset have completely changed over these four days. It is nothing short of amazing."
Douglass Call Fort Lauderdale, FL
"The SCARS system works period! I'm 35 years old and haven't been in a fight since I was 18. No one could have entered the Camp with less confidence in his fighting ability, and 4 days later that feeling is gone. I would have paid10 times the price... for what I've learned. The Peterson Gestalt method is incredibly effective. You start doing moves by the number and before you know it, your brain allows you to choreograph an entire fighting sequence."
Greg Ferrante Ocean City, MD
"(SCARS) is unquestionably the most sophisticated system of combat fighting I have ever seen. The system... exceeds everything I expected. Your advertising claims are not overstated."
David Yard Piedmont, OK 
"Jerry's approach of 'this is serious shit and you've got to get after it' really carries through the four days. The mindset lets you know this is for real. Well worth the five grand. Jerry handles real, live situations no excuses, no bullshit. This guy is for real. It's speed learning. 40 hours here is 400 hours on your own. Nobody has a facility like this, no one is doing the research and training~ the groups you all train. This is the full nine yards. I had an outstanding training experience and look forward to coming back..."
David Williams, chiropractor Kerrville, TX
"On the last day I couldn't believe my skill level. I mean every day you could see your fighting ability skyrocket. When you think of what you would pay to learn sport fighting (martial arts) and the years it would take to achieve rank in that art, then realize in four days you are far beyond eight- to-ten years of martial arts training, this is a bargain. Hell, you guys are cheap. Training with Jerry was amazing. His high coordination skill is awe inspiring. At one point he walked by with a full cup of coffee and saw me doing a technique incorrectly. He immediately had my partner attack him and he (Jerry) executed the technique flawlessly and never spilled a drop of his coffee!"
Brian Falconer Taylor, MI

"As a scientist, I loved SCARS because of the strong science base. Jerry is a brilliant guy and his principles are scientifically sound. The instructors were fantastic especially with all the one-on-one instruction. I was able to face my fears which I brought to the class. Number one fear being 'the fear of getting hit'. I did come out of this more confident from confronting those fears. We learned a hell of a lot more than any other system could have taught if they had us for 4 months let alone 4 days.

I was a high level martial artist in Kempo vis-a-vis Ed Parker. I've done some aikido, jiu jitsu, and SCARS is hands down the best system of fighting bar none. It creates such a thirst of knowledge you don't want it to end. I can appreciate now the subconscious component of the training, as various themes... have actually surfaced in my dreams where I happened to be in a threatening situation (i.e., gun holdup at the top of a flight of stairs) and calmly executed... techniques from the Camp to disarm the opponent without breaking a sweat!

In the dream (and thus on a very deep and unconscious level) I saw this threatening situation for what it was just a holdup and why worry... just MOVE! From a psychological/medical viewpoint, because these feelings were in a dream, that means that they're now at an unconscious level and not merely an intellectual one. Prior to the camp, even dreaming a situation like this would awaken me in a sweat... But since the Camp, I have confidence in my ability to protect myself and loved ones should the need arise. I thank you sincerely."

"Before arriving at the Camp I was worried that I would be turned into a violent, killing machine whose personality was characterized by seeking confrontation. I found the opposite to be true. It is amazing how easy the body can be devastated... It is now my choice to walk away from any confrontation with confidence because I know that I have the ability to destroy any man, and I know how easily I can be broken."
Paul L. Crotty Commanding Officer, United States Marine Corps
"I have never seen anything so perfectly designed for it's purpose. It's like an automobile that needs no fuel, no oil, no repairs... does everything you want... and lasts forever."
Barry Nichols Manassas, VA
"I still cannot get over the simplicity of a system which can produce such dramatic results."
Larry Hartley Brownsburg, IN
"I felt truly privileged to be instructed by Jerry for these four days. At my age, I don't hold anybody in awe. I mean, everyone has feet of clay in some areas but in his field he (Jerry) is a genius, and it was apparent to all of us that he was having an absolute ball out there with us. His combination of competency and history of empirical evidence that shows this works, along with his great enthusiasm, really made the course for me."
Jack Jobe Jacksonville, FL
"First of all, I think the instruction is world class second to none. I've seen several different martial arts and they can't even compare. I shouldn't even mention them in the same breath with SCARS. The instructors were great. Jerry is just amazing with what he knows. I don't have the words to describe it. You have to experience him. I wish we could've gone sleepless for 96 hours just to keep getting more info from Jerry. It is definitely worth it. There is no doubt it isn't cheap but if you're serious about learning to master hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon combat YOU need to attend!"
Dr. Shaun Holt Toledo, OH
"My confidence level has just gone sky-high in the past four days. What I loved was the simplicity of the system and the professionalism of the staff. No one was here to show off. They just made sure we learned. The training just flows. You don't really have to think about it until you realize 'Oh my god, I got it. I'm a fighter'. The targets present themselves and you just take them. I liked the rotation of body types (working with different sized attackers) it made a big difference. It forces you to use technique because that is the only constant you can count on in a fight. It was the best $5,000 I ever spent and if the cost causes you hesitation, think about if you are killed in a street crime. Then you can't spend the money anyway and, God forbid, it happens to a family member and you are helpless. Then what is this knowledge worth? If they're dead, $5 million can't bring 'em back so the tuition is just a drop in the bucket."
Patrick Manning Watertown, MA
"I believe (SCARS) is the best system in existence. It is truly what the ads say it is, and more. (What impressed me most) is the amount of knowledge Jerry has about the mind and human body, and how this relates to fighting."
David Hoffman St. Louis, MO
"Jerry Peterson is the 'best of the best' and I know 'cause we trained with the best. You'd be a fool not to train with him. Why waste your time with any martial arts training for years and years when Jerry can get you beyond their highest level in 4 days! What is your life worth? I would have paid twice the fee for this info. When Jerry tells you don't do something, he doesn't give you some bullshit reason. He tells you 'don't' because it will get you killed, then shows you why..."
Phillip E. Toombs Melvindale, MI
"The truly amazing thing about the course is if you recall what we looked like on the first day and now look at us on the fourth day you'd swear we weren't the same people. It is unbelievable the total change that the Gestalt approach used by Jerry affects you. You can self-correct and improve your techniques because of the knowledge base this course immerses you in. The learning curve just skyrockets and grows exponentially each day, even each hour, as you train."
Phil Anderson Medford, OR
"No mystic bullshit. Since attending this Camp I will see all the videos in a whole new light. My fighting ability has improved so dramatically I'm totally astonished."
Craig Bartlett Lakewood, CA
"What impressed me was the multi-fight pit training (where you're continuously assaulted by multiple attackers)... this clearly linked the past 3 days."
Andy Peterson Watervliet, NY
"When I first got the letter from SCARS it sounded too good to be true (learn all this in just four days). And the tuition I'll be eating peanut butter for a year, but I thought, 'hell I don't want to wait and train in some lesser martial art and take years to learn God knows what and still not get it'. If I could get it in four days it would be well worth it, so I took the plunge... it (the course) was everything you said it would be and more! I've been a cop for fifteen years and I was afraid to fight...I dreaded any hostile work sent my way. Now, after 40 hours of fighting, being attacked with clubs, knives, weapons, hell, it's like 'bring it on'. The mindset training and removing the layered fear I had loaded on myself was worth the whole course. There is no fluff. You cut through the cultural BS and simply fight. You guys are egos from the instructors, all of you are extremely knowledgeable and such good fighters, it's so apparent. And Jerry, hell, if I had paid a couple of thousand dollars just to hear him talk for a day, I would have got more than my money's worth."
David Cann, Police Officer Dayton, OH
"Hands down the best system available. Nothing else even comes close...I tried picking apart some of the things (Jerry) showed...he would prove me wrong every time."
Kevin J. Weber South Wayne, Wl
"Now, in the 4th day, as I look back, I'm just beginning to realize how much we've covered and how much we've learned. I'm impressed... The Camp made everything come together for me."
Kenneth Brumit Albuquerque, NM
"I think it's a great system and more valuable for fighting against an attack than any other I've seen. I got to practice more in (4 days) than I would have gotten over months of home workouts. And I got to experience different sized attackers, which was very valuable."
Gus Nevarez Visalia, CA
"Yeah, it was expensive. But what's your life worth? This is simply the most effective training available and I would have paid twice the tuition for just what I learned the first day and a half at the 'Work Up (Camp)'."
Ed Purvis Goodlettesville, TN
"I liked the professional training attitude. The opening talk set the tone: 'Hey guys, we have four days to get this knowledge to you. We won't waste time with our stories and we don't want to hear yours. This isn't about individuals, it is about learning the SCARS system and that is what will get you to your goal of mastering combat'. I was hesitant that former SEALs, and Jerry himself might be egotistical assholes. But it was the exact opposite. The staff was professional and the instruction excellent."
Capt. James Taylor, USMC Jacksonville, NC
"As much as I enjoyed the tapes, after this training I feel I'll now go home and look at them as completely new. There was so much I overlooked on the tapes that after this training I can't wait to go back and review the tapes because it will be like seeing it for the first time. Phenomenal! It far exceeded my expectations and I am a real critic. I was expecting to be disappointed and was blown away by the training. "We pride ourselves in being the best and after viewing the tapes we knew (how) we trained wasn't the best. We jumped at the chance to train with Jerry and now we can tell our clients we've been trained by the best. I'm telling you, these (Jerry and his staff are the ultimate fighters. The rest of 'em are BS artists."
C. W. Montgomery, Executive Protection Specialist Yukon, OK
"This program is state of the art. I've trained in other martial arts and advanced firearms training and they try to use bits of science, but SCARS is state of the art. To be with Jerry it is phenomenal... you feel the intensity."
Andrew Proctor South Pasadena, CA

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