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PACT-DRT Law Enforcement Testimonials

Actual reactions to P.A.C.T Law Enforcement Training from Law Enforcement

"P.A.C.T. law enforcement course that you have compiled is without a doubt far superior to any training ever introduced to the law enforcement community. Once again, like everything else derived from the S.C.A.R.S. Institute it is based on 100% scientific principles. There's no well, maybe, or just because. It's either yes, no, right or wrong. The vast knowledge of the advanced science of human control that is provided in the P.A.C.T. course is exactly what peace officers and departments need to know. No one else addresses the advanced science of human control because they don't know it.

All other law enforcement systems that I have seen are compiled from a majority of haphazard "techniques" that never even regard the constants in the equation. It's comical to see some of the individuals who teach modern law enforcement claiming to be "experts". Well, they're partially right they are experts, experts at letting the perpetrator control what they do. What's a joke is these so called "experts" that are out there don't even know what to control, which is exactly why they can not create a 100% predictable outcome. What's not a joke is the fact that year after year they really don't know any other system out there that either knows or understands the correct methodology involved for educating law enforcement professionals except P.A.C.T.

This is exactly why most departments' incidents wind up involving a gang pile of officers, a bunch of unexpected injuries, and a law suit. When asked why things got so out of control, these "experts" will usually have a response such as "Well the subject was on drugs, there was nothing else we could do." In reality they didn't know what to do, because they don't know or understand the advanced science of human control. Fact, set patterns exist and all human beings are predictable.

In P.A.C.T., you learn more in one hour than other systems teach you in forty and what you learn you can bet your life on. P.A.C.T. addresses any possible situation that a law enforcement professional may ever encounter. I would urge any person in the law enforcement community to attend the extensive P.A.C.T. law enforcement course. You will gain the mental, verbal, and physical skills that are necessary to truly be in control of any situation. I would like to thank you Jerry for bettering my professional career by teaching me the empirical data that exists, which I most likely never would have never recognized had you not created P.A.C.T. You have done a tremendous, unmatched service for the law enforcement community by releasing P.A.C.T."

John Redenbo
Patrol Division
Reno Nevada Police Department


"The weapon retention techniques were very efficient and could, beyond any doubt, save an officer's life."

Neil Ferguson
City of Las Vegas SWAT


"I have confidence that the P.A.C.T. System will provide officers with the necessary tools/options (physical & psychological) to effectively deal with difficult contacts, thereby reducing liability in custodial situations. The SCARS trained officer will be able to utilize principles and concepts appropriate to the given circumstances, resulting in lowest level of force being used to effect a desired outcome."

Sergeant Burke
City of Las Vegas


"The P.A.C.T. class was a step above S.E.R.T. and will just help us all around training. Even better than Defensive Tactics."

Detective Payne


"Regarding the recent P.A.C.T./SERT Training course, I feel the content of the course would greatly enhance my duties with the department. The information presented to us dealt totally with our work environment, unlike some other courses do. I feel the department should consider having officers trained in the SCARS Instructors course to replace our current Defensive Tactics course."

Corporal J. Freeman

Social & Professional