Positive Assertive Control Tactics ( PACT ) for Law Enforcement
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Postive Assertive Control Tactics

POST APPROVED # 00051601

The History of PACT

SCARS Approach To Physical Control Tactics

In the early 1990’s Mr. Peterson was requested to expose the basics of SCARS to other government agencies, such as DEA, FBI and special law enforcement teams. This occurred because of the military’s requirement for SCARS to be used as a non-lethal force for controlling civilians and other non-combatants such as in NATO’s peacekeeping police action in Bosnia.

A totally separate program of study was started in 1992 which culminated into PACT. The goal was to develop a force continuum that would fit the requirements of US Law Enforcement Agencies.

Development began through real world action in countries like Venezuela and Colombia. The Peterson’s developed special drug interdiction teams to combat drug trafficking before it reached the United States. PACT development even reached the eastern block, assessing training to handle professional ex-military men who had turned to organized crime, preparing to enter the US.

PACT’s real world development and resources for information often come from the SCARS military programs, where real world special teams see and operate in the most hostile of environments. Thus supplying SCARS with first hand worldwide reports on what and how these new and professional criminals will develop here in the US. This real world resource puts PACT far ahead of the Defensive Tactics and other law enforcement programs that are now in place throughout the US.

In 1999 PACT became an officially approved Police Training Program POST NV #0005160. Through SICS our PACT’s resources for real world Research & Development are ongoing and up to date. No civilians can be certified to teach either PACT or SCARS.

The P.A.C.T. Program

PACT is the premier control tactics training for law enforcement operators, a true generation ahead of current training in the defensive tactics arena. All principles have been proven under real world conditions.

First we have set forth to bring a cost effective COI for the departments offering a complete package of training materials that systematically take the officer through training. The PACT manuals and videos cover every aspect of training thereby giving the department a constant training result that each and every officer can take with them on completion. This means that the officer now can review anytime they feel the need for a quick refresher at home or on duty.

This approach allows for better results from the students and less stress on the instructor staff. Training in this subject is often taken personally. The instructor’s personality often becomes the block to students’ acceptance of the knowledge. By using the PACT teaching material the instructor is seen as the controller, the expert that helps them understand the subject. The instructor is there to guide them through the material. The statements on the video are that of a third party and therefore not taken personally by the instructor or student. This allows the instructor to push his students to the best of their ability. This approach causes a greater esprit de corps within the department.

Finally, having such strong documentation allows for a strong defense for the department and trainers. If for instance an officer were to exceed the Use of Force standard by applying movements or tactics not approved. It would be very easy for the trainer or the department to prove that their standard has no such movements or tactics by way of the training videos or manual. In addition all officers attending the new training will leave with the complete COI as given by the Department, thereby no one can state that they were not correctly informed of and instructed in the use of force.


This POST-Approved Program Is The First Step To Modernizing Your Defensive Tactics In Your State.

  • The PACT/DTR L-1 complies with both state and federal standards through the Nevada Police Officer Standards of Training “POST” with 8 other states accepting their standard. Adapting it to your Department’s State POST standards should be acceptable being that a legal precedence is established.
  • PACT is completely applicable to all Use of Force guidelines while maintaining a complete range of tactical actions from non-lethal to lethal force. P.A.C.T. is no less effective than the duty weapon on your officer’s hip.
  • P.A.C.T. is a 100% proactive program that destroys the defensive fear building process of today’s defensive tactics. Officers leave training with a new positive fearless mind set that will give them control over negative emotions and bring forth a positive attitude that only the highest professional can obtain.
  • P.A.C.T.’s physical side is focused on reducing risk due to injury and decreasing departmental liability through physical control moves that handle the most extreme situations. P.A.C.T.’s control tactics are based on physics and geometry, and have been used on the street where the criminal element lives. Your officers are getting field-tested tactics – not theory. P.A.C.T. is not martial arts. Its fundamental process has been used in extreme environments of both military and police actions.
  • PACT does not suffer the defensive block and cover syndrome that has caused officers to be overcome by the offensive attacks of the criminal causing the death of the defending officer.

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