Naval Postgraduate School Scientific Study of the SCARS Offensive Mindset

SCARS Offensive Mindset is proven to make you faster under stress than defensive/reaction based training.

The following is a study conducted by US NAVY SEAL Lieutenant Commander Porter, who went through the SCARS Instructor program at Naval Special Warfare.

In LCDR Porter's thesis, with the help of outside doctors and scientists, proved that the SCARS Offensive Mindset process is superior to defensive/reaction based commanding/training.

The result of proper code commanding of the brain (offensive linguistics to one's biological thought processes) and the removal of defensive command language proved (with the following empirical data) to make the test subjects much faster at taking the correct action under stress.

More on the SCARS Offensive Mindset

Many people are mislead to think the SCARS Offensive Mindset is merely nothing more than words.  Meaning, changing the word from "blocking" a punch thrown at you to "striking" a punch thrown are the basically the same action or thing.  

This however is completely false, and once understood the integration of the "strike" terminology not only creates and increase in action time but it also increases the force of strikes by 35%.

The result of the implentation of the SCARS Offensive Mindset is the appearance (to outsiders) of hitting first and aggressive action, but it truly is only the outcome of elimination of hesitation brought on by defensive based commands.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Lieutenant, Commander Porter for choosing to conduct this study without any influence from SCARS or it's founder.  We at SCARS can not show our thanks or gratitude enough!

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