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SCARS Institute's Corporate Profile, History and Training Development Process

Knowledge and Expertise

We utilize proprietary knowledge of threat recognition and elimination to develop and implement customized security tactics, processes and training programs for government and private clients worldwide.

Our scientific knowledge and tactics are licensed in part to the US Military Special Forces and are actively utilized by today’s warfighter.  All of our programs are in compliance with UN, NATO and US Use Of Force Guidelines.

To date we have operated on over three Continents involving multi-cultural conflicts in countries including Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Angola, Israel, Bosnia, Turkey, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Not only training but analyzing and developing custom programs for Elite Military Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Corporate Security for Fortune Global 500 Companies, as well as Security Programs for International VIPs.

We develop specific, practical and scientifically sound solutions to real-world threats based on decades of actual experience and ongoing research and analysis.


Our knowledge and experience is culled from a combined 60+ years as active Contractors, Consultants and Instructors for the above as well as US Law Enforcement and US Special Operations Forces.

We are actively working with military, law enforcement and civilian clients around the world, consistently developing new parameters and strategic security solutions as International and Domestic threats evolve.

We have combined this Real-World knowledge and experience with 40 years of proprietary research on the science of human control under the stress of high-risk actions.

We offer solutions to ever-changing environments using science.  Our focus is and has always been on solving seemingly unsolvable situations based on the elimination of fear, helping our clients succeed in the face of overwhelming challenges from everyday life to overrun combat environments.

We create a system of principles that you can quickly learn and apply to eliminate the problem.  Thus eliminated are all useless movements/actions/processes that are not based on science that in our field will cause death!

Our first task began 36 years ago developing mission-specific solutions for the US NAVY SEALs and other US Special Forces.  Doing so we made history as the first standardized lethal hand-to-weapon training programs for the US NAVY (click here for official history).

Other systems have been utilized by SEALs but none teach the Special Operator the science of total fear elimination and lethality without weapons in even 30-to-1 odds.

We use science allowing us to formulate an algorithm, which we then apply to what was once considered an unpredictable outcome.  Thus exposing a single constant that controls and eliminates the unpredictable outcome.

Understand that all situations involving humans have constants regardless of environment, size, gender, age, strength, weapons and even numbers. Once taught the ability to foresee the constants one can easily eliminate those constants along with the threat.

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