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S.C.A.R.S. Acronym Breakdown

The Meaning of SCARS

This system was developed at the USNAVSPECWARCOM (SEAL TEAMS). It does not stem from any martial arts nor is it a combination of martial arts or any other fighting system. It was founded from principles of psychology, physiology and physical movement. It is “special” meaning the only one of its kind.
Developed for combat covering every aspect of combat fighting on the ground, in the air, in the water and including zero gravity situations in space.
The elimination of fear based training or defensive tactics found in every other fighting system in the world. Military SCARS is considered highly aggressive due to the utilization of Jerry Peterson’s process to eliminate fear from the mind during combat. This is the first system to use a purely offensive mindset throughout the entire use of the system.
Named specifically for the US NAVY SEALs, they are an reactionary force to foreign hostile attacks.
SYSTEM This is a system of several sciences and principles applied on many levels to create a replicable learning process. Rather than having a small handful of prized students in other training environments, every student becomes 100% proficient in the SCARS system.

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