SCARS Original Combat Fighting Series

Can you afford to gamble when your life is on the line?

First Official US NAVY SEAL Combat Fighting Course with Bonus!

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The US Navy SEAL Teams, the world’s most deadly commandos, certainly couldn’t --- that’s why they used the ONLY credentialed, official, combat-proven fighting system available --- SCARS.


Here’s what the head of SEAL training had to say about SCARS:

“As Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Officer I was personally involved in screening a number of hand-to-hand fighting systems … Jerry Peterson’s SCARS system was superior to the competition … In today’s hi tech military, the most important weapon system in the Naval Special Warfare inventory is the individual Navy SEAL himself. SCARS training has given new teeth to the term “The Naked Warrior”.”

David W. Landis LCDR, USN

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Many lesser martial artists and fly-by-night marketers pushing their “fighters of the month” are trying to SELL you their videos on self-defense. They make all sorts of claims as to effectiveness but no one has the credentials nor the reputation to make YOU a first rate Hand-To-Weapon expert like Jerry Peterson, creator of Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems [SCARS].

He made our most elite combat soldiers more deadly and he can do the same for YOU because his SCARS fighting principles were proven under the most extreme taskmaster...

Real Wartime Combat!

That means if SCARS didn’t work American soldiers would die! As the US Navy SEAL testimonial above states unequivocally --- SCARS WORKS.

So, you want the best fighting system available? Backed by an unprecedented combat-proven GUARANTEE? Then you need to read on now…

Let’s face it. We live in an ever more violent world and you have way too much to lose to allow you or your family to fall victim to the vicious predators out there.

These dirt bags don’t give a rat’s ass that you are a law abiding guy or that you have a family or you just want to enjoy a night out with your date. All they care about is taking what you have; be it a watch, wallet, car --- even your wife or girlfriend.

If these predators have to kill you to get what they want, so be it. They’ll show about as much hesitation to kill as they do stepping on an ant.

They may be some crack-head trying to support a drug habit or a gang-banger stealing items to ‘fence’. Maybe it’s just an insecure idiot at a bar or club who goes into a jealous rage because HE thinks you don’t ‘deserve’ to be with your wife or girlfriend. So he is going to beat the shit out of you to try and ‘impress’ your woman so she’ll ‘see the light’ and run to his arms. (Yes, there are MORONS out there that actually believe this is a good way to win a woman’s heart).


Sounds unbelievable?

Unfortunately in our society, all of the above scenarios have happened and continue to occur ever more frequently to regular guys…just like YOU.

Moral standards have dropped. Life is not valued and our law enforcement community is unable to protect you because our justice system is overloaded and ineffective in dealing with violent criminals.

Common sense would dictate that with gun-laws getting tougher on the public and the fact that Murphy’s Law says you’ll probably be attacked when you are least prepared, learning a martial art should be the answer. I mean those guys have to have the information and training to handle these threats, right?


Why You’re Not Safe On Today’s Streets – Even If You’re Trained In The Martial Arts.

The problem is that very few people can give you this vital instruction. There are ton’s of ‘Dojo’s’ offering many forms of self-defense. Just pay your $100-$170 bucks per month for a couple of years and MAYBE you’ll learn a trick or two. Sure there are lots of martial artists and ‘street-fighters’ selling videos. But how do you know what they teach you is going to work?

I mean when that heavily muscled, 280-pound, enraged biker has just broken that Budweiser Longneck and is coming toward you with the jagged edge held low, ask yourself:

“Is what I learned going to stop him from gutting me like a stuck pig and prevent my becoming another ‘teardrop tattoo’* on his cheek?”

*(Some biker gangs add a tattoo for every new ‘kill’)

In today’s busy world you don’t have time to waste training in ineffective, defensive, sport oriented ‘arts’. Or even worse are all of the unproven hodge-podge ‘systems’. These are put together by some self-proclaimed ‘expert’ with a couple of black belts and pushed by some sleazy marketers who don’t know the difference between a punch and a kick.

Plus with all the claims out there about this martial art or this ‘fighter’ being ‘the best’ and every other guy claiming to have taught the SEALs or some other elite military unit who do you believe? What fighting system has the information you can use when your life is on the line? Who can you depend on?


Why You Can Depend On SCARS, The Only OFFICIAL Combat Proven Fighting System To Work When You NEED It Most

Let’s talk about credibility when it comes to real fighting. Jerry Peterson has personally tested his science-based SCARS principles under the most extreme hostile conditions —-COMBAT.

During the Vietnam War, as a unit ‘point-man’ in the elite Charlie Company of the 173rd Airborne, Peterson faced many brutal conflicts. Numerous times he survived close-quarters firefights and combat situations requiring extreme hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon fighting.

That means because of the density of the jungle terrain the enemy was literally on top of you during a battle. If you wasted your one move to grab your weapon instead of STRIKING your attacker and killing him with your hands---you’d be dead.


“It is amazing how easy the human body can be devastated (using SCARS) … It is now my choice to walk away from any confrontation with confidence because I know that I have the ability to destroy any man … ”

Paul L. Crotty, Commanding Officer, United States Marine Corps


After serving 2 combat tours in Vietnam, the highly decorated vet came away with many unanswered questions as it related to life and death fighting. He spent the next twenty years of his life evaluating the known martial arts (plus many closely held ‘secret fighting arts’) as well interviewing various martial artists, many of them world renown. His goal was to see if any of these ‘arts’ or people could explain why his battlefield actions had been so successful while others with the exact same military training froze and were killed.

The results were disappointing. It was very clear to Peterson that NO martial art or fighter could answer concretely HOW to train your mind and body to fight effectively with or without weapons regardless of the threat you face.

Oh, he met a lot of great fighters and they all showed some good ‘techniques’. But ‘techniques’ only work if the conditions permit; do you have enough room, did your attacker throw the right punch, did he approach on your left, is the knife attack a slash? Learning to fight this way, you need a technique for every imaginable scenario. It would be like learning math one equation at a time rather that learning the PRINCIPLES of math so you could solve ANY equation.


Here Are Three Reasons Martial Arts And Other Hodge-Podge Fighting Programs Can Fail When Your Attacked

1. You’ve must have speed, coordination, athleticism and conditioning to execute moves like complicated arm-bars, spinning reverse punches, and high showy kicks (SCARS trained fighters would NEVER use such moves—and you shouldn’t either!)

2. Martial Arts and Competitive Sport Fighting can take years just to learn the basics. Few truly are able to ‘master’ the techniques well enough to defeat an attacker in a life-threatening situation.

3. Your Martial Arts skills rapidly deteriorate without constant practice … and that’s just to stay reasonably proficient.

Honest accomplished martial artist, know there are other problems…

Most of your training is done wearing light, loose fitting, pajama-type clothing and bare feet. But tonight you are going to be jumped by some scumbag while your wearing a long leather coat; heavy boots, tight fitting jeans and carrying two bags of groceries. Now what? Your training in the ‘arts’ didn’t prepare you for this real life situation!

But let’s suppose you manage to connect with your first strike. You then automatically throw your second strike because this is the second of the three-punch set you ‘learned’ in your martial arts class. But there is a BIG PROBLEM.

Your attacker isn’t in front of you anymore!

He MOVED – your first hit sent him flying back and your second hit slashed AIR! Before you can get off your third strike he has recovered and got a kick off into your floating ribs. Now your hurt and in a serious situation. You did exactly as you were trained and you FAILED to take out your attacker (SCARS realizes you fight like you train and this situation would never of occurred if you were a SCARS trained fighter).


“In my 29 years in (the SEAL Teams) I have had numerous hand-to–hand courses, SCARS is the ONLY one I feel confident and positive will work in combat and would be extremely beneficial to the SEAL Operator."

Roger HaydenCWO3, USN


Guys don’t make it difficult. The biggest lie out there is that it takes years to become a good fighter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The SEAL Teams spent a fortune researching every fighting ‘art’ and ‘system’ out there. They proved that EVERY old-world martial art (and the 19th and 20th century derivatives or combinations) FAIL in real world combat and urban assault (street-fighting) situations. Period!


Knowing this you’ll want to see…

Why Using SCARS Scientific Fighting System Guarantees You’ll Defeat ANY Attacker

When Jerry realized that if combat soldiers were to have the best opportunity to survive the most brutal battles during war it was ESSENTIAL that they receive hand-to-hand combat training which had the following criteria:

  • Must be an Unbeatable Combat Fighting System
  • Is based on 100% proven scientific principles
  • Works regardless of the threat
  • Seamlessly integrates modern combat weapons
  • Utilizes natural body movement
  • Is quickly learned and easily retained

These were the minimum requirements Jerry used to develop Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems (SCARS). Through years of refinement and research Jerry created the ultimate combat fighting system which handled all aspects of human violence from non-lethal control tactics for law enforcement to combat kill-sets for the elite commando’s of the special operations community.


In 1987, the US Navy SEAL’s, the world’s deadliest commandos, contracted Peterson’s company to put on a pilot SCARS course.

The course was so effective that the SCARS Institute was contracted to develop a full combat-fighting course for Naval Special Warfare (the official military name for the ‘SEAL Teams’). Three SCARS courses were given official credentials by the education and training command of the Navy (CNET).

The SCARS program enjoyed unprecedented success in the SEAL Teams and throughout the US special operations community (Army Special Forces, USMC Force Recon, USAF Combat Control Teams, US Army Rangers). Because the SEAL Teams interact with so many different agencies worldwide, the SCARS Institute soon was inundated with requests for SCARS training. It was apparent the SEAL’s were quickly spreading the word on the brutal efficiency of SCARS.


“As a scientist, I love SCARS because of the strong science base. Jerry is brilliant and his principles are scientifically sound… I was a high level martial artist in Kempo vis-à-vis Ed Parker. I’ve done some Aikido, jiu-jitsu and SCARS is hands down the best system of fighting—bar none.”

John Trioani Maple Grove, MN


Soon many different federal agencies (FBI, DEA, Dept. of Energy, US Secret Service) and numerous Fortune 500 corporations were requesting training from SCARS. Then the SEAL’s introduced Jerry to some civilian contractors who suggested that the public really needed this information. Jerry became convinced he had to produce training videos for people LIKE YOU.


Why You Need This Vital Info More Than The SEAL’s

Because the SEALs are highly trained commandos who go into action with other SEALs they have an edge most of us don’t. These men are heavily armed and have the advantage of choosing their targets and attacking the enemy with the best weaponry the US is capable of producing.

You on the other hand most likely will face an attack ALONE. Probably unprepared and without a weapon. You may only have time for that one move to take out your attacker or your DEAD.

Since this is the poor state of our society today training in SCARS is the only way to insure you don’t become a victim. To give you the ultimate advantage on today’s mean streets Jerry created for you the SCARS Combat Fighting Course.


Here are just some of the reasons the SEALs used SCARS/CFC as their only official hand-to-weapon fighting system and why you’ll want the SCARS Combat Fighting Course to be your fighting system:

  • SCARS works regardless of your athletic ability because it relies on science not athleticism. (Even if you think you’re a klutz with two left feet and you can’t dance SCARS isn’t about dancing it’s about fighting and it won’t let you down.)
  • In less than a day you’ll learn these unbelievably easy principles and master them in just one or two practice sessions.
  • SCARS moves are based on natural movement and, just like running, swimming or riding a bike, once mastered you never forget how to use them.This means you remain completely proficient without continual practice.
  • The need for you to be in great shape is a myth (in training, Jerry Peterson prove this by consistently ‘defeating’ SEALs both on land and water—yet Jerry wasn’t even in particularly good shape, and certainly not a great swimmer!). Jerry reveals his secret as part of your training!
  • You don’t need size or strength you need the secret of proper alignment (a 120 pound woman cracked the sternum of a 280-pound monster of a man in one training session).
  • Infuse the fearless mindset quickly and easily using simple words, all the while breaking down negativity to new ideas (in a very non-assuming invisible way).
  • Demonstrate all effective body weapons
  • Gives you an in depth understanding of both breathing and body dynamics.
  • Take you from non-lethal to lethal action through a combat-proven training program.
  • How a simple, virtually unknown hand movement can make the difference between a devastating take down… or a deadly prolonged confrontation (Lesson 16)
  • The “dominant peripheral” … and how it can save your life.
  • A simple roll technique that can split a ribcage… in an instant.
  • The secrets of “strike catching” … and why you must understand and use it (and why everyone who tries to show it to you, demonstrates it incorrectly)!
  • A 2-hit combination GUARANTEED to break your attacker’s jaw… every single time.
  • How to use leverage and force vectors to create several pounds of thumb pressure… enough to break joints!
  • The scientifically correct way to “body-slam” your attacker without endangering your central nervous system (grapplers make this mistake all the time).
  • How correct spacing forces your attacker to throw himself to the ground.
  • Specific breakdowns of nerve targets in the arm (Lesson 2).
  • 4 secret sounds which control all movement and power in your body (Lesson 3).

“Just a note to let you know how satisfied and amazed I’ve been since I bought SCARS. When I read the report you sent I was fully prepared to order the system and return it, figuring that the ‘scientific’ and ‘little known’ techniques would be nothing but hype. Needless to say, I was very wrong… It was certainly worth far more than the price I paid.”

Charles E. Thorne, Rochester, NY


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