SCARS® Training Center | Self-Defense & Tactics
SCARS Training Center | Self-Defense & Tactics

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Simple, Easy and Affordable

In the past SCARS was made available through Video Training Packages and very expensive Seminars ($5000 and yes they were sold out, because you can't get this information anywhere else).  

In the past you had to wait months, even years for the Founders to release new video training packages. 

Now, we have developed a new SCARS On Demand training system that covers everything you need to know to Survive the worst Attacks!

With our online access we have developed guided programs to help ensure you get all the right knowledge first!

What You Get!

  • Access from any Device
  • Train Anywhere You are Comfortable
  • Locate a Training Partner in Your area via our Partner Board
  • Every Penny You Spend goes Towards Attending a Live Event with the Creators of SCARS
  • Training on every type of attack and more!
  • Live Chat and Training Assistance During Buisness Hours
  • Save hundreds of dollars with our online access, one simple extremely low monthly cost.
  • Cancel Anytime Yourself! No tricks or obligation! 

You will Learn the Following and so much More with SCARS

Program yourself to Eliminate self-doubt!

Get the first stage of controlling your life and learn to begin to eliminate all fear in your life, not just in extreme situations. Found in “Building Blocks Of A Fearless Life”
Scientific studies have proven our method true and 50% faster at making not only a decision of action but THE CORRECT ONE!

Eliminate all forms of physical attacks.

Covering all physics and geometrical constants that eliminate the ability for an attacker to do what they are good at. We are talking all methods of attack:
Punching, Kicking, Leverages, Grabs, Grappling, Multiple Attacker etc.

The secrets to making any weapon a joke.

Covering the worst knife and club or sword attacks imaginable in our Edged and Impact Weapons Series (Knife & Club Elimination). Not only will you learn to stop any type of real knife or club attack; we will show you how to use them! In fact, you will be too deadly to even want to mess with carrying a knife or club…unless you mean business!

Proper Firearm Disarmament and Retention

Face it, most people feel helpless when someone’s got a gun. Like there’s nothing you can do, but that is not the case! We show you how to get out of the worst of hostage and real world situations. Not only that, we show you how to control where the gun may go off in order to save those around you!


You have nothing to loose and Everything to Gain!

Take control of your life! Hit the button below to gain access to SCARS!

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What people say about our training.

"I have purchased many SCARS products, including the Developers Series, Mind Control, Weight Lifting Program, and Groundfighting Series. I love the products and I have used their lessons to perform well in many boxing and MMA sparring matches. I love the scientific cause-and-effect approach and presentation in the lessons. I have been able to hold my own against black belts and much bigger fighters than myself. I am very grateful for their assistance and for their manners. I believe the people and the products are of very high quality. Thank you so much for all of your help!" - P. Nagorski, Bevely Hills, CA

"SCARS works so well, it avoids the fatally flawed concept of reaction to action. Having studied Judo for forty years, and coached it for almost 25, I know this for a fact. It is a common thing today to pass off a street brawl as an assault. However, I have a video, which has hidden camera video of store robberies going down. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING! In a real world assault for your life, the bad guy is NOT going to talk, woof, pose, or any such naked ape posture. They are going right for you, and your next move is your life! EVERY other video course I have seen AND I HAVE THEM ALL suffers from not understanding this basic law of combat, EXCEPT the SCARS videos. It is the only set that teaches you to regain the attack, and to keep attacking so the bad guy never gets to set his plan again. It is the only set I recommend to serious people looking to learn how to survive a real world violent assault." - M. Tripp

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