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SCARS® Corporate Training

Training Programs for Staff / Executives / VIPs / Security Teams

  • Proactive Countermeasures Against Physical Assault
  • Kidnapping / Hostage Countermeasures
  • Understanding the Function and Capabilities of Personal Weapons
  • Vehicle Hostage / Kidnapping Countermeasures
  • Onsite Security Positive Assertive Control Tactics

SCARS offers best in class, 1 on 1 training that will suit your personal or corporate security needs. Our Corporate Training programs are designed to accommodate the physical aging process of diminishing coordination, physical strength, problem solving, pain tolerance, and physical limitations that simply come with age and maturity. Including the psychological pressure of serving in a high-risk area that affects even the best trained security personnel. Taking the above factors into consideration our programs are suitable for any age group and gender.

Our programs utilize proprietary knowledge of threat recognition, elimination, and escape tactics. This knowledge, and associated tactics, are licensed in part to the US Military Special Forces and are actively utilized by today’s warfighter. All training and information falls in compliance with UN/NATO and US “use of force guidelines”.

Each program has been specifically designed to focus on educating and training corporate Executives and Employees of international Corporations that deploy their personnel to high-risk areas. We also have a standardized Security Personnel / Guard Staff training program for “Onsite Security” utilized by law enforcement that has proven to reduce a corporation’s liability.

We have a combined total of over 60 years as active Contractors, Consultants and Instructors to US Law Enforcement and US Special Operations Forces. Our team is also active as Force Protection Consultants for deployment of F-16 Security to International Corporations in Iraq, Pakistan and other high-risk countries around the world.

Our experience is combined with 40 years of proprietary research on the science of human control under stress of high-risk actions. This total combination of experience will ensure the best possible outcome for yourself and/or your most valuable assets.

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