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US Congressional Level Security Oversight

For the last 9 years, Mr. Blake Peterson and Mr. Jerry Peterson have provided force protection subject matter expertise and executive level security oversight services to HITI and greatly helped to ensure the Balad AFB and Shahbaz AFB F-16 programs met the National Disclosure Policy Committee and U.S. Congress security compliance standards in the following areas of F-16 base security operations:

  • Compliance Consulting for all needed physical security upgrades to the perimeter fencing, Entry Control Points, vehicle barriers, t-walls perimeter lighting, Biometrics, fencing upgrades, bomb detectors, canine operations, backup generators, ECP cameras, motion sensors, truck scanners, metal detectors, personnel screening, badgeing and internal tracking systems to ensure Shahbaz AFB, Pakistan, and Balad AFB, Iraq met and will continue to meet NDPC standards for protecting F-16 technology. 
  • Compliance Consulting and complete Iraqi Air Force special security team training program development and implementation to ensure Balad AFB successfully achieves response capability standards for surge security, diversion base security and VIP security event situations and remain in complete compliance with NDPC standards for protecting F-16 technology under all special security situations. 
  • Compliance Consulting and complete IAF F-16 technology security team training program development and implementation for operating the weapons storage areas , avionics center, COMSEC, technical DOC area, logistics depot, flight-line, F-16 hangers, ready missile storage and main hanger areas for getting the IAF F-16 technical security team personnel trained up to and operating at a capacity necessary meet and exceed NDPC standards for controlling and protecting F-16 technology under all conditions of F-16 security technology threat. 
  • Compliance Consulting and complete IAF F-16 Technical Security Team Division establishment for all the major security team divisions including; 1-Planning, 2- Recruiting and Personnel Procurement, 3-NDPC compliant security drill and training center development, 4- F-16 technical security equipment and technology procurement and maintenance division 5- NDPC compliant F-16 security operations 6- F-16 security quality control, corrections and standards certification, and 7- IAF security personnel and Academy Achievements, Promotions and Graduations division establishment. 
  • Compliance Consulting and complete IAF F-16 Standard Security Operations teams establishment and training program development for all ECP security teams, EOD Teams, Fire and Crash Tender teams, Foot Patrol Teams, Mobile Patrol, Teams, QRF Security Operations, Ground Combatiers, and Watchtower Security Operations, Command Center Operations and F-16 Security Documentation Network Systems Maintenance. 
  • Compliance Consulting and complete IAF advanced F-16 technology security operations team establishment and training for WSA- Avionics, COMSEC, Tech DOC area, Log Depot, Flight-line Hangers, ready Missile Storage, Main Hanger and instructors for getting IAF personnel up to the standards needed for NDPC approval before F-16 technology delivery. 
  • Compliance Consulting for all necessary security documentation hardware and software for the “24-7 All-Clear Security Program Documentation System (ACPDS), including the IRAQ AIR FORCE (IAF) Base Perimeter Data Analysis System (IVDAS), the IAF Radio Code
  • Program (IAFRCP), and the Balad AFB Electronic Security Strategy and Drill Performance Documentation System designed to document security drills that meet NDPC standards and requirements. 

It is my sincere pleasure to Highly Recommend SCARS Unlimited, LLC. Mr. Blake Peterson and Mr. Jerry Peterson for any Air Force base oversight and congressional level security compliance programs or related air base or airport security operations programs.

R. S. Trela CEO Homeland Intelligence Technologies, Inc


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