Does SCARS® fighting work against larger opponents?
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Can I really hit a big guy hard enough to take him out?

I understand the concept of the SCARS Offensive mindset®. However I still don't know if my strikes would be effective on a large opponent. Can I really hit a big guy (like a pro football player) hard enough to take him out? Would his large muscle development make it difficult to cause him to react like a normal sized individual?

First, please review your materials on the Offensive Mindset. Its use focuses on the damage that will be inflicted, by you, onto your attacker. The strength, agility and speed that the attacker may possess in sports or weight training does not translate into combat.

Further, there are over 170 targets on the human body that if struck, will maim, cripple or kill. No amount of physical size stemming from body fat or muscle will prevent effective results. In fact, many of the points on the human body that you will target require less than 20lbs of pressure to cause severe damage.

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