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Why doesn't SCARS use head-butts?

We understand that the headbutt strike can be an effective tool for self-defense, but at what cost? Even using one’s head to drive into the attacker’s body or used to push rather than a strike still can provide more risk than reward.

Being a reputable organization for combat training, we strongly support the idea of safeguarding your head during a combat situation. We at SCARS acknowledge that while using the head as a weapon can be impactful, the risks it poses to your health are not justifiable.

Vision is another huge aspect that goes unnoticed to most self-defense systems that use the head as a defense.  In a fight or attack you need to know what’s going on around you. Therefore, when you squint or shut your eyes to strike with your head you are not aware of what may be coming next. 

The primary worry revolves around the chance of self-inflicted harm to the central nervous system, a consequence that can arise from an involuntary "Autokinematic™ reaction". This unexpected response can result in temporary blindness, leaving you vulnerable to retaliation from your opponent. 

Furthermore, being able to tolerate the pain from a headbutt doesn't eliminate the potential harm it can cause to your brain. We at the SCARS organization firmly stand by the belief that the element of surprise and impact can be effectively derived from using other body parts, such as arms or legs, during combat. 

The SCARS training method puts a crucial emphasis on techniques that inflict harm on the attacker but prioritizes the protection of all aspects of your brain and body at the same time.

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