Why doesn't SCARS use head-butts?

With the myriad of body weapons available to you SCARS feels that the use of the head as a weapon is an extremely poor choice. Notice: we say it is a poor choice not that it won’t inflict damage. However, SCARS feels the trade off is not worth using a headbutt in actual combat or a fight for your life.

Utilizing a headbutt will affect your central nervous system by creating an Autokinematic™ reaction against yourself in the form of an “eye jerk”. Eye jerk in this instance is the temporary loss of vision due to the throwing forward of your head to deliver the strike in addition to the impact of the strike. This temporary incapacitation that you inflict on yourself leaves your body vulnerable to an attack especially if you face multiple attackers.

Even if you are tough and headbutts don't hurt you, it's still harmful to your brain. You can execute a strike with your arm or leg that can been unseen just as easily.

SCARS uses only body weapons that inflict damage on the attacker not the fighter.

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