SCARS® Training Center - First Official SEAL Combat System
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Why does SCARS® fighting state it’s the first official combat fighting system of the US Navy SEALs?

What it takes to become an official training program within the US NAVY SEALs.

"The accreditation process."

It takes normal programs eight years to become “official” we were able to get SCARS fighting approved in only five and a half years. This means when you got out of the military you had an official SCARS fighting course number on your DD-214. There is no such fighting system that we know of today that is on your discharge papers like SCARS fighting.

Before any program (whether it be jump school to chemical explosives) can be approved it has to go through analysis to make sure the program does exactly what it claims.

This has never been accomplished by any other combat fighting system except by Jerry Peterson / SCARS fighting. There are several reasons this is the case, the biggest is every system out there is not based on science.

During the development of SCARS fighting, a team of experts (scientists and doctors) checked every principle and teaching of Jerry Peterson. If Jerry Peterson made a statement of fact about a movement and a specific result, it was tested and proven scientifically sound by the team of experts.

What people don’t understand is that if at any point Jerry Peterson was wrong and not every man could replicate what Jerry Peterson stated, then the SCARS fighting program would have never been approved.

There is no system of fighting that guarantees through science that what it teaches the student is the only way to correctly accomplish a task. It’s always, “well there’s always room for improvement” or “it’s impossible to know everything about that process”. That is why SCARS fighting was created, to put an end to the unknown world of human function under stress.

Jerry Peterson was tasked to develop SCARS fighting.

This system was specifically for the United States Navy SEAL's operational duty in every facet of combat.
The subjects covered the following:
• Mental condition
• Physical condition
• War fighter skills
• Team Tactics
• Interrogation of Individuals and facets thereof (US Special Forces only).

So again, everything Jerry Peterson stated, every lesson he taught, every principal of applied sciences he exposed was tested and retested and tested again for five years by the best of the best.

The truth is, if Jerry Peterson stated that a certain arc and vector would allow the soldier to eliminate the threat, the scientists would try to prove it wrong. When Jerry Peterson stated that, if outnumbered by a threat you will survive if you apply certain mental principles and a certain type of physical science the team of experts would run their studies.

Fact, Jerry Peterson had 5 experts testing all of the SCARS training processes. These experts had all the time in the world to prove him wrong. No one or group or system has been tested like this.

SCARS fighting was proven by the US Military not to be Martial Arts. This was not a marketing tactic of ours! “The Sciences of Human Control” was the government’s statement not just SCARS fighting hype. SCARS fighting is 100% Undefeatable because it’s based on 100% science.

Therefore, the extreme but certainly understandable testing allowed SCARS fighting to make its mark in the history books as the FIRST United States NAVSPECWARCOM (US NAVY SEALS) OFFICIAL SYSTEM.

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