Learn about fine and gross motor nerve skills for fighting.
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The Delusion of Fine vs. Gross Motor Skills in Combat and Training.

hemi_sync_brainThere has been a lot of discussion and testing of what is applicable in a true fight for your life.  But the truth behind movement, training and what is considered fine motor skill function has not been properly defined or understood, thus giving people improper ideas of "realistic" training.

Fine motor skills are things like drawing detailed images, performing neurosurgery, and trade crafts like clock work, where you are required to utilize focus vision and the conscious mind to keep movements within a thousands of an inch.  None of our training movements utilize these attributes.  Attempting a leverage, where you grab someone's hand and twist it, moving a gun out of your face, or executing a body throw is not a fine motor skill, it is a gross motor skill.

You must train higher coordination skill sets under the correct environment or you will never be able to complete basic fighting tasks when your conscious mind shuts down.  Notice we are using terms like conscious and focus vision. These are the elements that go completely unnoticed that are the true training failure.  

The SCARS science of training, discovered by Jerry Peterson, addresses the real issues that occur under stress.  People may think they are learning because they spar a certain way, train super hard, or make it "realistic" by changing/goring up their environments, but unfortunately it's all fantasy play.  It is all conscious left-brain training that is nowhere to be found under stress.  Don't be mislead, SCARS uses force-on-force training more so than any other form of training, you just have to learn correctly for it to be there when you need it!

This falls over into tactics and shooting as well.  If fine motor skills are useless in such environments then why do all shooting systems utilize focus and tunnel vision under threat?  The problem is all physical training, to complete any task, is based on structured unchanging environments like standing still and aiming at a paper target.  That type of training is used by the best out there but unfortunately it has no real world application except for snipers or hunting.

That's why we have created a shooting system that utilizes your primal system that takes over in such environments.

Once learned you actually become far more accurate than using focus vision even in a non threat environment.

In conclusion, if you hear or read that SCARS utilizes fine motor skill sets you now know that is absolutely incorrect.

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