How SCARS fighting handles ground fighting.
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How does SCARS handle ground-fighting?

Due to the interest in this area, the SCARS Institute has created a video series dedicated to answering questions about ground fighting, “shoot-ins” and “the wrestlers rush”. Purchase the DVD series Ground Fighting Package or get a SCARS Online Membership to learn exactly how to confront and overcome any grappling attack.

Please keep one thing in mind: grappling has become popular over the last decade due in large part to the popularity of UFC fights and the mixed martial arts community.  Anyone can be dangerous and have the ability to cause extreme damage through any form of strikes, kicks and grappling.  However, these fighting styles are designed for competitive sport fighting governed by a long list of rules, and not for real world combat. While certainly entertaining, the SCARS Institute does not teach MMA or competitive sport fighting and you will never see us participating in any such events. SCARS was born out of real, military combat and designed to give you the ADVANTAGE in any life-threatening situation.

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