The difference between SCARS® and other Self-Defense
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SCARS® is better than Self-Defense

SCARS® fighting system provides a fighting system that is better than self defense.  SCARS is what we call a "Threat Elimination" System because your threat is not always a person.  We do not refer to ourselves as SCARS self defense because it would be misleading. Our goal is to prepare you for life threatening situations.  Learning the SCARS fighting system ensures your personal safety that goes beyond self-defense. scars self defenseBecoming SCARS trained is a meticulous process; you have got to be committed in order to achieve the results that one can attain. 

SCARS goes over various topics: personal safety, home security, property protection, robbery prevention, safe dating and self-defense. We also discuss what self-defense is and is not, what is better than self-defense training, survival in high-risk professions and introduce you to the facts, complications and aftermath of violence. (We do not refer to the SCARS fighting system as self defense; SCARS is about more than just punching and kicking, we'll show you what else is involved.)

Why is SCARS fighting program better than learning self-defense?

There's a reason why the United States Navy used SCARS as its official Navy SEAL training system. SCARS combat fighting system does not try to sell you an ultimate fighting system. SCARS does not expect you to 'kung fu' your way out of a dangerous situation; the SCARS fighting program expects you to learn the system and react in an offensive manner in a life threatening situation.

SCARS does not try to sell you some kind of deadly force gadget that will solve all your personal safety concerns.  SCARS is not only a fighting program, but a way of thinking, an offensive mindset.  For some, the SCARS fighting program’s mindset takes some time to get used to, for others it comes very natural. The idea is to go at your own pace in order to engrave the fighting tactics into your psyche. SCARS self-defense techniques give you straight information on staying safe in life threatening situations. We show you how crime and violence work, how situations develop and why they happen.

scars fighting arm bar defenseThere are a lot of Hollywood fueled misconceptions about violence. These misconceptions mixed in with other factors often result in otherwise intelligent people, not just walking, but rushing into the lion's jaws. (We strongly suggest you attend one of our live training sessions along with using our video training). SCARS combat style is not just about self-defense it is about survival.

SCARS fighting system is about surviving in a dire situation. In the SCARS fighting system’s point of view the needs of a person who is constantly putting themselves in physical danger, like a police officer or an armed guard is no different from a person who is being stalked or threatened.

We cover all life threatening situations and how to neutralize the threat in a quick manner; that is why SCARS is better than self defense. If you're not exactly sure what you are looking for, SCARS has a big frequently asked questions page, and you can also call and talk directly with a SCARS instructor.

I recommend you take a quick trip through the SCARS combat fighting system’s website and watch the free videos to familiarize yourself with the program. Surviving a life threatening situation is much less complicated if - from the beginning – you know what you are doing.

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