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Was SCARS® derived from Martial Arts?

As a person researches the false claims about SCARS®, one will find that there are plenty of people who state that it is rooted in a martial art.  The fact remains that it is not.  In fact, quite a few of these claims have been made by people that NEVER bothered to attend one of our training courses despite our invitations to do so. 

Truthfully, SCARS was developed from the ground up using science.  In fact, the United States Navy officially approved it to be, “without a shadow of a doubt not to stem from any martial art.” During the research phase, we found that martial arts carry 15-35% scientific principles while the remaining 85-65% is made up of artistic and stylistic movements.

The goal of SCARS was to analyze everything about human function under stress including application in all environments. Everything used in SCARS had to be backed with a true science-based explanation as to why the particular movements and psychology are being utilized. Some moves work depending on your size and body type, if that's the case then those moves are mostly likely incorrect. They either apply improper physics and/or psychology.  Also, distance and timing are very critical, many arts and styles create unseen gaps that allow an opening to utilize a counter.  This is one of the biggest problems when developing a true combat fighting system, that SCARS addresses.  

Therefore, the developer of SCARS had to throw out a lot of unusable information that would potentially put lives at risk.  This includes information in art forms that Peterson studied before and after his warfare experience in Vietnam.

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