Eliminate fear and take control of life with the proven SCARS mindset.

SCARS is a way of life because it not only shows you how to eliminate any attack, it teaches you how to control your mind and eliminate fear created by outside influences.  Not by will or mystical power, but through knowledge!


We proved this in high stress actions when we were tasked to develop training programs for US Special Forces.  Years later, a scientific study of our mental command process proved what is unseen within the brain has a direct impact on you, your physical reality, your life!


The most common statement after SCARS training is, “SCARS changed my life”.  Why is that?

Of anything to think of to say, men and women both constantly make that statement.


Practically everyone agrees that the SCARS mindset truly makes you a better person, not just more capable, but our fear elimination process allows you to see the truth that, with fear, you cannot see. 


It seems like 98% of the world functions on false confidence that leads to disaster. The physical training side of SCARS is only part of the process that allows you to survive physical attacks. 


The bigger portion of SCARS is the ability to see the truth behind function, the truth of how society unknowingly attempts to subconsciously program you.   Through the power of the SCARS mindset you can break your own mental patterns, take control of things you had no idea you could alter and be a better, happier, fearless you!


People hear SCARS “Offensive” Mindset and associate it to a literal meaning, but what it truly defines is the action of the bioelectrical thought process that occurs in the brain.   We used the “cause and effect rule” in the past to explain the physical result in a hostile environment, but this is only a training tool to help get one to take action.  The fear elimination only exists in that precise action moment.


In our live training we train you to understand what is happening within your brain that is controlled by your mind.   In order to make you change and see how to develop the fear elimination process, we put you through physical actions that naturally fire off fear based signals of action.  These signals are your natural automatic response to physically freeze, hesitate and feel fear.


Through certain events you are challenged mentally and physically until you basically “short circuit” and see the result, then you begin to learn to choose and command yourself to create different physical outcomes.


This is why we prefer total submersion with a minimum of 3-day blocks to allow you to engrain this new way of understanding of how you can control your unseen mind, that controls your brain and body, outwardly into your physical life.


This is why students know their life has changed, because it has already changed before they leave that final day.  Once they return home they continue to apply this process to everything in life improving business, and personal relationships allowing growth, not hindrance, based on internal hang-ups.


Hopefully you can understand that SCARS is a way of life because it does actually change your mind and brain through physical and mental knowledge.


If you want to start learning the SCARS Mindset, you can actually access this knowledge and begin learning right now through our new "SCARS On Demand" online programs, here! 

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