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Are you using a Victim mindset or a Proactive one?


As you know the SCARS Offensive mindset goes far beyond the idea of hitting hard or hitting first.


It is a rewiring of your brain of how you think about life and how you perceive your reality.


This video is only part of a much longer explanation.


We really feel it leaves you with something to think on about life and where your mind should really be.

A short clip of Peterson getting the point across about victimization.


When it comes to the action of security, self-defense or fighting, we tend to put ourselves in a state of apprehension; "keep your head on a swivel" is a term often used. It's a good saying for what it means; always be alert, however, how does that make you feel? It tends to make us uneasy, because you are wondering what's going to happen next. That's basically a defensive fear state.

You don't need to think that way if you have a more proactive thought process. You either DO or you don't do. No matter what it is.  Always focus on what you are going to do, no matter what it is in life.  Once you understand this concept you are always ready. 

That is why we captured this video clip, maybe it will help reset something inside of you or maybe you already think this way.

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