Why SCARS® doesn't recommend using protective training gear.
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Why don’t you recommend using protective training gear for workouts?

Again, we at SCARS want you to be ready for real world combat and not competitive sport fighting.  We have found that wearing protective gear gives you a false sense of reality and also hides the vulnerable targets that when struck do get a physical reaction. Punching at a man wearing a helmet does nothing for your ability to be effective at hitting an actual target or knowing how too. Our studies have shown that you do what you train under stress. If you train improperly, under stress you will act improperly. The more gear you use the falser your reality is, more importantly the less you know about how to actually disable an attacker. 

Journey with us to discover why attacking the vital targets of the human body is paramount to combat success. There is no competitiveness to our method of training and your partner is there to help you to learn true reactions that properly code your brain for violent conflict.

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