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I've heard that you don't recommend stretching - what should be done instead?

We do not recommend stretching due to the possibility of hyperflexion. Hyperflexion results in a joint or ligament being moved past its dynamic range of motion resulting in a weaker joint.

Many people think stretching is good, because it feels good. However, if you hyperflex past your body's designed natural range of motion, you can cause a pulled or torn muscle, ligament and or tendon upon full load.  In laymen's terms, the reason why is your brain knows the exact length of your musculoskeletal structures, so once you "stretch" them beyond your body's natural point, upon full activation (i.e. jumping, flipping, anything fast) that elongated tendon/ligament snaps or tears due to the muscles' force.

That's why you need to actively stretch to keep within your dynamic range of motion.

Originally developed by Dominquez, Richard H. MD, and Bob Gadja MD, Dynamic Range of Motion (ROM) training is the only safe way to prepare for physical training. To learn how to complete the proper range of motion exercises access our SCARS online training programs below.


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