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Why does SCARS seem to constantly show techniques off of strikes?

SCARS is rooted in real world combat. So, real world scenarios and not the ones that you see in the movies are where we begin. We see all techniques as a fight in progress with more than one attacker. We instruct with the idea that you just finished off an attacker. Realize that in a multi-fight scenario another fighter will be actively attempting to blindside you. Since a person fights like they train, this scenario results in a much more proficient fighter with a truly offensive mindset.

Not only do we show you how to deal with strikes, but we deal with every type of possible attack. We want you comfortable dealing with kicks, punches, weapon attacks, grabs, chokes, grappling, seated attacks, and everything else you have seen, SCARS covers.

We also show you how to deal with putting someone down without hurting them, incase you need to control a friend or loved one.

Once you begin to learn the sciences behind SCARS attacks become irrelevant.  However, for that to happen you need to get use to having all types of punches and combos thrown at your face.  This way you are never intimidated by someone who is throwing fast punches or combos.  

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