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When do I know it's time to take action, how do I get ready?

If you haven't experienced combat it seems that some have a difficulty understanding when it's time to take action when either confronted or attacked. The problem with defensive processes is that your brain is mentally switching from an reaction state to an action state then back to a reaction state.

"I need time to figure it out!" Is what's going on in someone's head when you see people are attacked or sparring and they flintch or jump back to get ready.

The problem is they haven't made the concious decision to commit or they are taught they have to "get ready".  The problem is, every time they wait, hesitate, or jump back they have allowed themselves to be hit, kicked or attacked even more than before, especially in real world situations.

You are always in the mental state or position you are going to be in!

The problem is acceptance; in general societies are good in nature. So we are taught that it's wrong to hurt someone. Therefore, when it's time to learn self-protection there is an idea that you have to be enraged or turn your attitude into a type of "killer warrior mindset". So what happens when you have not had time to prepare yourself mentally before you are attacked? Mentally the result is "Wait I'm not ready!" thus prolonging inaction.

You should not be emotionally driven to take action!

This leads to bad decisions and incorrect actions that result in you getting pushed, punched, kicked, stabbed or even shot. Ever voice your opinion merely to voice it and found that you were in a fight before you knew it? Never be willing to take a verbal stand without being prepared to take a physical one too.

The biggest thing you notice after a SCARS seminar is how calm you are. "It's just not even worth it," is what you will find yourself saying to aggressive confrontation. There is no question of "Am I ready to fight?" You already know what you will do, because with SCARS you have 1000's of options.

Then you realize there is no difference once you remove the fluffery of position and stance.

You are always ready!

You don't need to be angry to eliminate threat you just need to as we say "eliminate the threat". With a little SCARS physics, and the fact your brain is so powerful it can give you the physical answer to an attack situation in a milli-second, if you learn how to allow it too.

Assuming you have what? Knowledge and physical reinforcement that equals confidence. You see there is no need to make up excuses for action or inaction if you accept and realize where you are at and what you are doing. There is no get "angry" or become a "warrior" there is just you.

You can at any moment you can extend your arm or leg with the force of three times your body weight.

At any moment you are attacked you can cause severe damage to that attacker or group of attackers.

You have to make the decision!

If your line of work is law enforcement or a combat duty it is not healthy to be in a constant anxiety state. Long term it's the cause of mental break down or post traumatic stress. Being forced into a situation where you haven't made a decision or accept you are going to take action leads to lack of control and fear of not knowing or not being ready.

You just have to make the decision to learn and live in an offensive/proactive reality.

You are the answer. You ARE the problem solver!

That's why SCARS isn't a system of just physical fighting movements, like the standard "stand up" or "ground fighting" systems that have a limited application. It's a way of applying logic and science to mental and physical application understress as well as to living and doing! That's why there are over 1000's of lessons and priciples that give you the ability to survive a real attack.

The goal is to give you actual hard core scientific knowledge that you test when you practice.  This creates the physical reinforcement and understanding that equals the confidence to live without fear of being attacked or simply just not ready.

If you don't already have access to the knowledge of SCARS get started here!

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