Why you must know all the real self-defense targets of the body.
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Why does SCARS point out all the lethal targets on the human body?

The SCARS Institute believes in 100% education. In real world combat scenarios, especially multi-fighting (more than one attacker), it is prudent to have full knowledge of a strike’s capabilities.  Further, there does exist the possibility that another person may have the full intention of taking your life.  Only you have the capability to decide whether or not using lethal force is appropriate to a given situation. 

This is why, if you notice, the SCARS Extreme Starter Series has lessons for lethal and non-lethal hand-to-hand training.

The biggest problem with other systems if they do not point out exactly what each strike to a target will do to a person. This mainly leads to useless strikes that aren't effective, because they were only taught to strike to the "head" or "torso". However, the opposite is the accidental death, from someone who just gets angry and swings his/her arm as hard as they can.  The fist just connects accidentally at the right angle, and breaks someone's neck.  The result ends in jailtime for murder, for not knowing what target they hit or even what they did to the person.  We see this as well in Law Enforcement, where an officer due to improper body target training, accidentally kills a person. 

That's why SCARS is so crucial, it forces your mind to slow down under stress allowing you choice and options rather than knee jerk reactions from defensive based training.

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