SCARS® training has a built in use of force control method.
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Does SCARS® train excessive use of force?

"Does SCARS make you an accidental killer or train excessive use of force?"

Because our system is extremely easy to learn and is so effective, many people try to again, put our system into a box of what they know.

Just because it is so easy to become effective with SCARS, has nothing to do with the actual reasons people out there, who have learned other systems, get in trouble with excessive force usage and lethal justification problems.

Some people out there think that SCARS is just a set of aggressive actions and because we use terms like “offensive”, “zero blocks”, and “lethal attacks”, that somehow we are training people to be “robotic killers”.   This could not be further from the truth about what we are training and what SCARS is. 

One of the biggest reasons why SCARS is the most safest and effective system out there is due to the science of training you how to eliminate fear.   You see it’s the exact opposite of what you think when you hear “eliminate fear”.

Listen to Peterson back in the 90's explaining how SCARS training handles this dilemma.


Understand all improper use of force comes from lack of SELF Awareness and SELF control!

FEAR is the #1 reason why lethal justification has become a hot topic in the self-defense industry.   People who learn problematic self-defense are taught to “react”, “you gotta be able to gouge an eye out”, “do whatever it takes to survive” this directly triggers out of control responses and total lack of self awareness.  

Many newer systems try to hype up the “fear factor” so much that students become ticking time bombs. They also may not clearly point out what can happen to the body when taught certain moves. This can lead to students not knowing what they are doing after they’ve already hit someone accidentally to a lethal area or applied a choke for way to long. FEAR is the reason this happens from lack of SELF Awareness and SELF control! This also has to do with very improper physical training. 

It’s even worse for people that carry a firearm, who are fed so much fear that their reaction is to grab the gun before they even know if it’s warranted, as you see in the news with law enforcement issues. 

SCARS Offensive Mindset is the ultimate tool for SELF Awareness and SELF control!

In SCARS you learn how to remove that fear action syndrome.   What it does, is take you from a reactive heightened stress fear state to a state of an instant plan of action to control your security, forcing you to become extremely self aware and under control.  

With SCARS you immediately begin to learn threat levels, appropriate actions and results that determine your next step. Your brain is so powerful that it only takes mili-seconds to make all this happen when you use the SCARS Mindset. 


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