How to train using the SCARS® videos and online programs.
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What is the best way to train in SCARS® using the Videos?

The SCARS Institute videos are an incredibly effective way to learn the SCARS fighting system. For instance, in the Original SCARS 40hr. Combat Fighting Course there are 25 lessons. Each video segment provides a demonstration of the technique shot from a variety of different angles, full speed and at half-speed.

Training at half-speed allows for proper coding of the brain with respect to the techniques, the utilization of proper body weapons and the accurate representation of the autokinematic™ reaction that the human body will go through once struck. Be sure to train using both the left and right sides of the body. This means of training will result in making you a complete and balanced fighter.

As you progress, you can mix the lessons and have the ability to handel any attack without being caught off guard.  The goal is never to memorize our lessons, it's to learn the principles behind the lesson and understand the science behind each movement that actually makes it work against a fully resistant attacker.

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