SCARS® works against Professional Fighters and Real Killers
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Does SCARS® fighting method work against professionally trained fighters or real world killers?

Any accusations that the SCARS® fighting method does not work against professionally trained fighters or real world killers could not be further from the truth. The whole purpose and task before the SCARS fighting method was approved and implemented was combat readiness. The SCARS fighting method proved to have the ability to eliminate the enemy no matter their skill level, no matter their gear or tactical knowledge.

Our motto is “Proven In Combat” because, that means real soldiers trained in SCARS were deployed and killed the enemy that was known to have had more training and combat experience than said soldiers. Reports back stated, “SCARS goes down exactly the way you train it!” This is one of the reasons SCARS was officially approved. The SEALs proved through 6 months of real world testing that the SCARS fighting method is undefeatable, not just a statement by creator Jerry Peterson.

The first thing a SCARS fighting instructor asks you when you go through a seminar is, “why are you here?”

The first thing a SCARS instructor tells you after you give your answer is, “SCARS is not some magical blanket you put over your head and instantly get the magical cure. You will get the tools, the training and the science to be undefeatable, but it’s going to be up to you to actually use them! The reason you are here is still going to be just as big, as ugly, and as scary as it was before, but after this course you are going to know exactly how to eliminate your fear and how to eliminate the real world threat”

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