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Where can I take self defense SCARS® classes near me?

Why wait to go to a "class" so to speak??

You can start learning SCARS right this minute by utilizing our virtual training site. Learn More

The instructors in the videos actually train men and women including our US Special Forces to go into battle. That means our video training is top notch and covers everything you need to know about surviving a real attack. The same principles you will learn have actually been proven and tested for real! Most self-defense systems have never been truly tested. They are built off rules, lies, and assumption, that's not the case with SCARS. We are the only truly proven and tested system by US Special Forces. Now you can get the world's best sellf defense training straight from your computer, tv or any device.

"But I can't learn from home I want to go somewhere." That's a valid concern but not the truth. If you go somewhere you can't take a video recorder and rewatch what the intructor showed you until you get it right. Also, that instructor has never developed official programs for the US NAVY SEALs and they have not trained litteraly tens of thousands to survive real attacks like our Instructors have.

Also, keep in mind our world class instructors are actually the founders of SCARS, we don't farm out trainers, we want you totally submersed in the program. 

That's why once you start our virtual training, when you are ready, you reserve the time to come train in one of our 3 day total subersion seminars. That's why people fly from all over the world to attend a SCARS three day event.  If you want to come to a men's SCARS Live event click here to learn more. Women click here.

SCARS is not your typical "self-defense" that doesn't work like most out there.

Our program began in the US Special Forces community Learn More.


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