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The Power of SCARS Training

We just received this testimonial about our last SCARS event and had to share with you how POWERFUL the SCARS Mindset is!

"The live seminar was absolutely everything and more than you promised. I was throwing men who weighed 250 to 300 pounds to the floor! I weigh 150 pounds on a good day!! I always believed it was true; just not for me.

You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis. It primarily affects my physical strength and stamina.  It also affects my cognitive abilities such as focus and memory. I am done in a matter of one to two hours just working in my yard! I struggle with staying focused constantly.

I was amazed how I was able to stay focused as well as fight for 8 to 10 plus hours per day! Yes! I was worn out and oh so sore at the end of each day but man, how I loved every bit of it. I was so excited just to be able to hang with everyone else. Best training I ever received in my life. I was taught by Jerry, Blake and several of the SCARS Elite. A dream come true just meeting Jerry and Blake!

Look, words will never fully describe how amazing this live training is; you just have to attend one! It will change your life period!! If you can pass the basic physical test that is the minimum requirements, get there! You will not regret it!"


This man was able to take his body beyond the limits he thought possible because of our proven psychological training science.  His “mind” was in a different “state” he accessed a part of his brain that took away his focus on fatuige and capabilities and refocused into a positive mental development state.  The way we have been raised to think and function fails under stress because your mind is focused memorization and constant questioning of yourself and what you are doing.

SCARS frees you of this once you begin training and utilizing our thought processes. We make sure the course is a certian length to make a permanent positive impact on your life.

We can’t cure things that can’t be cured, but we absolutely do change the way you think and function mentally, thus having a permanent positive affect on your life.

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