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Specifically developed for Military Forces. Not released to the public. It is the one tool today’s modern Warfighter can not do without!

Mil-SCARS-CFC is a military specific system devised from real world combat actions. It is a direct engagement system derived from our Navy SEALs product known as SCARS CFC. Mil-SCARS-CFC has been upgraded and redefined into today’s Military operational protocols and areas of conflict. This program is not available to the general public.

Mil-SCARS-CFC focuses on increasing today’s Warfighters’ personal and team tactical responses under direct enemy engagements. Its foundation creates verifiable higher coordination skills, a more stabilized mental structure and an increase in reaction time to variable dynamics that lie within extreme areas of conflict. Thus allowing the warfighter to control his environment with Lethal and/or Non-Lethal actions.

Whether the conflict is as simple as conducting an interview that turns physical and must be controlled with non-lethal response. To a conflict as complex as a counter ambush reaction, or as extreme as surviving an overrun engagement wherein the warfighter must utilize hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon skills to survive.

We instruct, as well as offer Basic and/or Advanced level Certification to instruct MIL-SCARS-CFC. Read Military Reviews and SCARS development at NSWC

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