Can you afford to gamble when your life is on the line?

Our US Special Forces Couldn’t!

That’s why over 30 years ago we were contracted by the US Special Forces to develop a hand-to-weapon system that covered every aspect of hostile control on Land, Sea, Air, and even Zero Gravity situations.

  • We specialized in developing mission-specific solutions for the US NAVY SEALs and other US Special Forces.
  • We made history as the first and only 600-hour lethal hand-to-weapon subject matter expert school approved through the US Department of Defense.
  • We named this system Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems [SCARS]

Here’s what the head of SEAL training had to say about SCARS

As Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Officer I was personally involved in screening a number of hand-to-hand fighting systems … the SCARS system was superior to the competition … In today’s hi tech military, the most important weapon system in the Naval Special Warfare inventory is the individual Navy SEAL himself. SCARS training has given new teeth to the term “The Naked Warrior” David W. Landis LCDR, USN

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