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“…By the time I turned 25, I witnessed SCARS enhance the survivability of over 10,000 US Military and Law Enforcement men and women that we had trained…” - Blake Peterson


The science of the brain (furthermore the brain in a true primal-survival capacity) disproves the act of defense as a method to gain control of an attack.


Defense is; get distance, get ready, block, guard, perry, to protect yourself, wait, and/or tire out your opponent.  None of those actions have done anything to stop the attack.  In fact, every common streetfighter knows the easiest way to defeat those defensive strategies is to simply never stop attacking.  Because, no matter how tough you are, you will miss a block, the guy gets through your guard, and/or you keep stepping back until you can’t take anymore hits and you get knocked out, paralyzed, or worse, end up losing your life.


We proved with real psychology, not psychology applied to defense (bended science to fit an agenda), but real actual biomechanics, physiology, psychology, and science of how your brain truly takes in information through the 5 senses and creates input that in turn allows you to make a decision to act.  Then we analyzed the concept of “act” and how your brain commands your body to respond to threats in a total state of chaos. 

The Result

There were many core results and absolutes to survival and function that we found, things that no one in the fighting world takes into consideration, that became a big part of the core of SCARS training.  Also, beyond all of those things, there is one undeniable factor that is the basis of the foundation of success and failure. Right now, this is what you must understand, the factor of truth and fact.


It comes down to the fact that fear is a lie. Nothing good has ever come from it, in fact more people have died from fear in some relation than any other emotional factor.  Whether it was a second guess, a hesitation, layering fear until you mentally break, suicide, tunnel vision, the list goes on.


Do you know that if you could watch the brain bioelectrically, though its fear based, “take action” process and you could input one word that would replicate the same process that leads to the same “short circuitry”, what would the word be? Are you ready? The word would be, defense.  Defense, the act of and the emotion, provides the same result that the input of “fear” has in the brain.


Fear is rampant within all the movements of self-defense systems, it destroys the effectiveness in everything, every move, and concept.  This is why long-ago Jerry wrote a segment called “Fear, the shattered foundation of self-defense.”


25 years later nothing has changed.  Even those that attempt to take SCARS concepts and apply them to their defensive-based training end up with the same reactive defensive result.


It’s only through the SCARS Offensive Mindset® that you can truly free yourself.  You can allow yourself to see the truth and feel it’s result of direct power and action.  The result is the enhancement of your brain’s ability to make quicker decisions of action that are not only faster, but the correct action. 


The correct action is the science and physiology applied to the fearless mindset that SCARS training consists of.  This is huge, we proved it, in the well over 10,000 men and women in the US Military and Law Enforcement Jerry and I have taught by the time I was 25.  Now I’m approaching 50, and that number of people doesn’t include those we have trained through our public SCARS seminars beginning in 1997, nor the videos released since 1994.


Look, you can start right now, with this advice, taking into consideration how many of your decisions are controlled by fear.  Meaning, if you took that feeling of fear away and you weren’t afraid of losing whatever it may be, what would you do or have done differently? 


Here’s a real example of a true realization that fear caused more damage than good.  A very decorated operator, a true hero, believed he was also offensive.  He began to prove it to Jerry (the creator of SCARS, who is also a decorated vet.) with an example of a situation he was in. The operator told Jerry, of when he was a team leader on a patrol and had been ambushed.  The operator had ducked, spun around, and then returned fire. His team succeeded in overtaking the ambush.  He was truly a hero.  Jerry asked him, “what happened to your guys behind you? A couple got shot, didn’t they?” In shock of the question he replied, “well… yeah”. Jerry said, “and we both know you didn’t dodge any bullets by ducking, because, it’s impossible for a human to move that quickly, would you agree?” The operator aggressively said, “shit, you know, you’re right.” Jerry respectfully said, “So would you agree that had you not ducked and just immediately returned fire, no one behind you would have had the opportunity to have been shot.”  The operator did agree and said, “you know I never thought of it that way”.  Jerry replied, “that’s because you’ve never been truly offensive, rather defensive offensive and that’s ok, that’s how you were taught.”  Think about that for a minute, and understand all training uses the standard, defensive then go offensive, no matter how aggressive one thinks they are training.


You can’t learn to eliminate fear without a physical process to solidify the mental processes.  That’s why SCARS is two-fold (and more).  Thirty years ago, no one was saying that fear is bad.  Back then, I knew that we sounded crazy, until we proved it physically, and then mentally.  The good thing is that now it’s apparent in self-help, fitness, and faith-based communities that fear can have a negative impact in your life.  We mapped out how to eliminate fear from your life through our training tools, write ups and video lessons.

Where do I start?

Make sure to take the time to read the “Street Fighter’s Mindset”, the manuals and write ups online in our members area. Also, including the Building Blocks of a Fearless Life and all the videos we have taken from seminars and trainings where we dive into the SCARS Offensive Mindset.  If you’re not an online type of person, try our DVD Training packages. Either way, get to a seminar where we divulge the absolute science of the offensive mindset and make you capable of handling any attack and eliminating fear from your life.


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