Why is SCARS important to learn if I know MMA?
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If I study as many fighting styles as I can, why should I still need to learn SCARS?

Understand, we at SCARS all have prior extensive multi-system backgrounds. We discovered that learning as many martial arts as possible gives you great skills, but may never truly prepare you to function under real stress. Meaning real stress, as in a "life or death" situation where you do not know what your enemy is about to do.

In actual combat this was our experience when fighting next to highly trained individuals that knew how to fight, but their engrained arts unknowingly forced them to freeze or make an unnecessary movement that ended in death. 

That is why we had to develop a system based on science rather than create a system that applies several different styles.  Understand, SCARS is not a single "style" of fighting, or limited application to fighting.

We had to create a system of principles that are not limiting to a set movement, but rather we train you to see an instant solution and take that action to eliminate the threat.

The reason we had to set this standard is due to the fact that SCARS was solely developed as a frontline hand-to-weapon combat school within US Special Forces.  Therefore, the original founder was asked to prove and validate all training with science and physical success.  

We had to prove things like; why is a specific movement the best way to disarm vs. other methods? Why must a person learn how to move their body in various ways as it pertains to survival in the field? What must a person know to survive against a higher trained individual that’s faster and bigger?  All of this directly correlates to how you are mentally functioning, how your brain actually works when accessing information.  

Understanding what mental and physical processes take over when you are in an extreme situation.  An example is tunnel vision; many current training processes unknowingly force you to develop tunnel vision.  Without understanding the science within SCARS these issues will continue to happen.  We also discovered how to train you to stop the process that can create overwhelming fear in extreme situations that makes you freeze/shut down.

Many of you reading this probably know these facts from attending our seminars or owning our videos.  

If you do not and want to learn how to save your life or simply increase your mental and physical performance use the following links:

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