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SCARS' Efforts in the Past Few Decades

For over three decades under the name SCARS®

We've been providing security solutions to various countries and their agencies. Thirty years ago, we started releasing snippets of this training to the public through various packages. What you may not realize is that most, if not all, reality-based fighting systems, could still leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. Facing a common street criminal, you might fare well, but nowadays the typical attacker is not the real threat! The real threats are now angry mobs, multiple attackers, and battle-hardened terrorists, the kind of individuals who know tactics used in wars and have survived to join terrorist cells. Leveraging our real-world experience from our global security work in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, we have continued to develop new training methods for the public.

Many are unaware that SCARS got its start in 1988 under Jerry Peterson's specific contract to develop lethal programs for USNAVSPECWARCOM (US Navy SEAL Command), a project named the "SCARS Project". Even before we finished our contract with the Navy, we were already traveling the world developing new training. This training was designed to combat new threats in third-world countries while simultaneously creating public solutions. After 9/11, we returned to security development, creating "Direct Engagement Systems" to combat terrorism not only in America but also in countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.


In 2002 we shifted focus to help fight the war on terror.

In 2002, our primary focus was on the development and training of real-world security, aiding various governments in revamping and formulating new security protocols both for public safety and military reconstruction. We knew that survival in extreme situations depends significantly on the ability to eradicate personal self-doubt and make accurate decisions. Regardless of the amount of training received, the right mental state is paramount for survival. Comprehending one's surroundings and abiding by physical principles are also key.

In the field of self-defense, the credibility of a system is often determined by how persuasively it is marketed. This can lead to confusion between training Special Operations and creating officially sanctioned programs for them. Claims such as "my system is battlefield tested" can be deceptive, particularly if the creator of the system lacks actual military or combat experience. It's fortunate our medical society doesn't operate in the same manner. Even the best systems may fail, not from a lack of quality, but due to a deficiency in training for variable applications. They tend to teach basic fighting skills, which may not suffice for survival in a real-life terrorist attack.

Our SCARS training, incorporates Zero Counter Solutions, ensuring no one has the chance or capacity to counter-attack. This system focuses not on aggression, but on empowering individuals to instantly gain control of specific threats. We provide you with the tools to make considered decisions in an instant, rather than reacting incorrectly and potentially fatally. For more information about our SCARS Direct Engagement training, explore our SCARS virtual training membership and get to the next available SCARS Seminar.

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