SCARS in the Past Few Decades

For 30 years under the name SCARS...

We've provided security solutions to various Countries and their agencies. 30 years ago, we began releasing bits of this training to you, the public, in various training packages. What you may not know is most if not every reality-based fighting system out there, even those that utilize our aggressive public video training processes, still set you up to be countered. Against a normal criminal on the street you might be ok, but now the normal attacker is not the real threat! Real threats are now angry mobs, multiple attackers and real combat hardened terrorists. The kind of men that know tactics that have been used to fight in wars and survived to be a part of terrorist cells.

With our new real-world knowledge taken from our global security work since 2001 in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, we have created new forms of training for the public. What people don't understand is we got our start with SCARS during a period of almost a decade from 1987-1995 by Jerry Peterson under specific contract to develop lethal programs for USNAVSPECWARCOM (US NAVY SEAL Command) named the "SCARS Project". Even before we were finished our contract with the NAVY the Peterson's were already traveling the world developing new training.  Training to combat new threats in third world countries as well as creating public solutions for you from 1991-2001. After 9/11 we returned to the security development creating "Direct Engagement Systems" to combat Terrorism not only in America but for countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.  

In 2002 we left the public market to help fight the war on terror...

Because we were contracted to focus on real world security development and training.  Helping other governments to update and create new security protocols for the rebuilding and reconstruction of both public and military (cities and military bases). In doing so we discovered that no matter the threat, or your level of training, you won't survive if you don't have the ability to eliminate your personal self-doubt and make the correct decisions in a true life or death event. You can have all the training in the world but if you function in the improper mental state you will not survive. That's only half of the equation, you need the proper physical principles to help you understand your environment. In the world of self-defense being credible is all about who can write the best ad copy.  Preying off the fact that you don’t know the difference between training Special Operations and actually developing Officially approved programs for Special Operations.  

Sounds the same right? Wrong!  You read statements like, "my system is battlefield tested” yet the person who developed this “combat training” has never even been in combat or worse yet never served in the military!  Thank goodness our medical society doesn’t function in the same manner as these self-defense experts or else we would have 16-year-old spine surgeons! The reason even some of the best systems fail isn't because they aren't great, it's because they do not train you variable applications. They teach you good ole "fighting" even if they claim it's using advanced mental psychology, science, and physics.  Look at the result of what your practicing...nothing but basic striking, kicking, and leverage skills. Just enough to get you killed when there's a terrorist with a gun to your head and another pointing a gun at you 5 feet away!!! What's a good ole attack move going to do for you there? That's why you need to STOP learning basic fighting skills and start learning our variable Direct Engagement systems.

We call our SCARS training Zero Counter Solutions because that's exactly what it is and everything we show you does not give anyone the TIME or the ABILITY to put up a fight. This has nothing to do with aggression, or even being lethal, it has to do with the ability for YOU to control specific threats. We give you the tools so IT'S YOUR CHOICE, not an improper reaction that may end up getting you killed! When you are ready, contact us for new SCARS Direct Engagement live training or take advantage of our SCARS online membership.

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