Do the US NAVY SEALs still use SCARS?

In the mid 90’s after the SCARS Project was completed, Jerry was approached by Naval Command to develop a “less than lethal” program, due to the current wartime protocols. Jerry Peterson refused to teach frontline soldiers anything less than “Offensive Lethal Hand-to-Weapon Tactics”. If the Modern Military wanted to teach their soldiers “Defensive Tactics” they would have to look elsewhere. There were plenty of law enforcement training systems that would be up to the task.

WE HAVE RECORD of active duty soldiers being taught SCARS as recent as 2012 by NAVY SEALs who were attached to their units. Clearly these SEALs are not training them what’s currently in place stateside.

So the real question should be: "Why is SCARS still being utilized if there is other stuff being trained in the Teams?"

Again, if you have been led to believe SCARS was replaced because “it wasn’t that good”, or that “it doesn’t work”, or that it’s somehow “outdated” then you are being misled by false marketing tactics of other less than qualified systems.

More on the confusion of the SCARS Project and why SCARS is still official

The real confusion that occurs is people generalize/see SCARS as a “self-defense” system. So when they hear another system is being taught to SEALs they assume SCARS was “replaced” this is an assumption other systems hope you will buy! Also, if you read on the web that a SCARS program was cancelled you assume it no longer is used OR that somehow SCARS is not official. This is all VERY inaccurate. You have to understand what the “SCARS Project” was.

There is a reference to letter on Wikipedia that states "cancellation" of SCARS in 1998. This letter was referring to the “300 hour Instructor Program” that was already completed (hence the statement, "it was no longer being used"). If you to assume that SCARS was canceled because it was bad you are incorrect.

Prior to 1998, if you look at the timing of presidency elections and politics in the US at the time the US Military protocol was switched from combat to a Non-lethal policing action. Since 9/11 this unfortunately has put our soldiers at a huge risk with a lack of real world training and combat readiness. What our government didn’t know is that after 1998 our men would be out numbered, fighting advanced war-fighters, and needing lethal hand-to-weapon tactics.

Back to the "cancellation" letter, what people do not understand is that there were several SCARS training programs, that’s why it was known as the “SCARS Project”. The purpose of SCARS was not training “BUDs” as all the misleading hype claims on the internet.

Only one of the purposes of the SCARS Project was to develop an official program to create in-house experts; men that were already experts in their field were trained to also be experts in hand-to-weapon tactics (SCARS). There were also other SCARS tactical programs developed for Special Boat Units "SBU". Understand NOT all SEALs would be taught SCARS, only as needed if deployed into high risk areas.

The “SCARS 300 Hour Train the Trainer Program” that developed in-house experts was open to all US Military special operations branches, AIRFORCE, ARMY and NAVY. Marines were not under the US Army Special Forces Act/ Directive and were not allowed slots into the “300-hour SCARS Train the Trainer program”.

Notice we mentioned slots, the SCARS 300 Hour Train the Trainer Program was limited, it was already finalized before 1998. The result of the SCARS Train the Trainer program was that 300 in-house experts (1 in 10 Navy Seals) were produced and then sent out to complete their field expertise.

SCARS is still taught and utilized today through these “in-house experts” and the men they have taught.

After SCARS and the contract with the NAVY, Jerry Peterson began development of P.A.C.T. a POST approved Law Enforcement training program that deals with the both lethal and non-lethal application. The goal of PACT is to eliminate the out dated thought process of defensive strategy and provide the officer total control over a subject no matter the subjects lethal abilities..

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