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Do the US NAVY SEALs still use SCARS?

First off, SCARS is still an official program/course because it has an actual US DOD Course Number, #K-431-0096, that can be utilized/activated at any time. Secondly, this is an outdated question.  The official "SCARS project" we developed for the US Special Operations Command was our start and the beginning of "SCARS" circa 1988. 

We have letters from Navy Rear Admirals stating that SCARS was still being officially taught within the US Navy SEALs up until 2002, by their qualified instructors.

As of 2012, we know of deployed active duty soldiers that were being taught SCARS by NAVY SEALs who were attached to their units.

After the SCARS Project, we have continued to develop more training under the SCARS title. We continue to train all over the world to various special operations units, countries, law enforcement and more, as seen throughout our site.

More on the confusion of the SCARS Project and why SCARS is still Official

You have to understand what the “SCARS Project” was, if you want to know click here. The real confusion that occurs is people generalize/see SCARS as a “self-defense” system. This is all VERY inaccurate. Jerry Peterson actually licensed the US DOD to allow them to use the SCARS Project he developed. The purpose of SCARS was not just to train “BUDs”, as some claim on the internet.

The “SCARS 300 Hour Train the Trainer Program” that developed in-house experts was open to all US Military special operations branches, AIRFORCE, ARMY and NAVY. Marines were not under the US Army Special Forces Act/ Directive and were not allowed slots into the “300-hour SCARS Train the Trainer program”.

Notice we mentioned slots, the SCARS 300 Hour Train the Trainer Program was limited. The result of the SCARS Train the Trainer program was that 300 in-house experts (1 in 10 Navy Seals) were produced.

Only one of the purposes of the SCARS Project was to develop an official program to create in-house experts; men that were already experts in their field were trained to also be experts in hand-to-weapon tactics (SCARS). There were also other advanced SCARS tactical programs, as well as training Jerry Peterson developed for their Special Boat Units "SBU".

After creating SCARS and finishing the contract with the NAVY, Jerry and Blake Peterson began development of PACT in the mid 90's. P.A.C.T. a POST approved Law Enforcement training program that deals with both lethal and non-lethal application. The goal of PACT is to eliminate the out dated thought process of defensive strategy and provide the officer total control over a subject no matter the subjects lethal abilities.  

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