Helpful tips to spot and understand Terrorists and Terrorisim.
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Helpful tips to spot and understand Terrorists/Terrorism.

The reality is terrorists can be anyone, or group, from a militant, a sex trafficer, to a teenager who plans a mass shooting.

Our concern was ISIS for a bit, now it's the masses flooding many 1st world country's borders.  These masses are full of various terrorists sects, sex trafficers and cartels importing drugs.  All of these types are duisgising themselves (or paying others) to act as innocent people trying to come to 1st world countries for help. 

We are not safe! You will absolutely witness more knife killing sprees, more tactical ambushes on innocent civilians, and more bombing attempts.

Here’s a little information taken from our On Demand SCARS Counter-Terrorist training program.  This excerpt defines terror/terrorism and provides a couple helpful things to look out for.


What is Terrorism?

The answer to that question is not complex, as long as we keep it on a personal level. Terrorism is any physically or mentally perceived act, which causes you to believe that you are helpless, without abilities to protect yourself either by fighting or running away. Although you have the physical ability to overcome this adversity, you simply succumb to the mental fear.

To make this point hit home, remember, terrorism has always targeted the innocent, meaning the general population of a society. After all, good people live out their lives as law-abiding citizens. Most of them never steal, hurt anyone, and live comfortably in a controlled environment. Why should they fear? After all, they have a freely elected government, with its law enforcement agencies and a military, thus creating a shield to protect them.

Terrorists will never attack the shield of society in such a manner that they can be identified before the attack as a legitimate military operation supported by an internationally recognized government.

The terrorist military must remain independent from its supporting country’s government. Allowing such governments to operate with immunity.

Therefore, the terrorist and, yes, the criminal, must always attack the society itself. This causes the targeted society to turn on its only shield, its government, its laws and the morality of its culture. This has never been so self-evident as today’s events.

That is the most direct answer to the question, “what is terrorism?”. There are, of course, thousands of books on the subject, but it all comes down to the above few paragraphs.



Possible Characteristics of the Terrorist, Criminal and "Bad Guy"

a. Physical

People that are trained to engage in conflict appear physically fit. However, one can not just focus on that fact. This does not mean a person that is confined to a wheel chair or missing a leg or arm lacks the capacity to be a lethal threat. Pay attention to the overall condition of the individual. Is the body capable regardless of limitations?

b. Psychological

The idea here is not to be a psychologist. However, people that are trained to act as a team, will avoid eye contact with authority for the most part. They tend to reveal others in their team by glancing to a team member’s location. The most helpful thing you can learn to catch someone in the act is how the eye and brain work together to reveal a truth or a lie.

c. Educational training

Understand that any group, or person sent out to destroy a target greater than they are, generally, are highly educated and speak multiple languages. They attend college or seek out education while they are in the country they are targeting. After all, look at the task they try to complete.

d. Military training

Terroists like ISIS are military personnel trained to recruit and train operatives of which are labeled terrorist cells. They must have military training or they will most likely fail to achieve their goals. They wear no military uniforms so that the country of support is not blamed for their atrocities. 


What one must understand!

People that are part of a criminal or terrorist operation are not any different than you or I. They value things and commit to ideas and beliefs, even to the death! You could spend a lifetime trying to answer the questions, “why do people do bad things?” That’s a cerebral problem and thus does little to stop the physical world.

Since 9/11 there have been a great deal of cerebral problem solving and theories on why it all happened. The result has been an over reaction of fear in the public, law enforcement and general transportation industries.

The over all effect of cerebral problem solving for the “why?” is that it escalates fear in our society and triggers the terrorist and common criminal to go forward and commit their attacks on society. 

The terrorist and criminal see no physical evidence that he or she can be stopped. Frankly, he or she could care less about whether society understands the "why?" because it does nothing to stop their acts. The whole concept of a terrorist act is to cause the mind to focus on the "why?" thereby escalating fear, resulting in greater terror!  You can't focus on the "why?". You must focus on what you must "do" thus eliminating the fear and the threat.


Terrorist acts that are not public and news worthy are nothing more than a failure and therefore, not done by a terrorist cell.

This material is taken from a section of our SCARS Counter-Terrorist/Aviation Training Program found in our SCARS On Demand Training.  To learn more about our On Demand Training try our free 7 day trial.  OR you can also watch this training program via our DVD's here


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