Do you need a partner to learn SCARS® combat fighting system.
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Does SCARS® require a training partner?

Utilizing a partner is not mandatory. Anyone with common sense can watch the videos and learn the science of SCARS survival.  It's no different than watching the Discovery channel except it's actual real training.  We have had many people that had no one to train with, that bought the videos, and had to use the video training to save their lives in real attacks.  

That being said, it is the optimum way to maximize your SCARS training and understanding of the Autokinematic™ reactions if you can practice with a partner. Therefore, we have put together a community that will allow you to find other like-minded people in your area who are interested in teaming up as training partners. Register here to get involved! find a Training Partner.

New to SCARS?

If you are new to SCARS please understand that is why it is so important to access our video and live seminar training.  Both Jerry and Blake have devoted their lives to creating lifesaving educational packages that get you the information you need to both survive and change mentally to a more positive person.

That's why we offer several ways to get access to SCARS, online "anywhere you get a connection", dvd/cd packages, and centrally located live seminars in the US, Knoxville, Tennessee.

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