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SCARS - Military Combat Training, Law Enforcement Tactics & Redefining Public Self Defense! Learn to Survive All Attacks!

The concept of SCARS began in 1968.

20 years later SCARS was officially approved by the Department of Defense as a front line combat training school for US Special Forces.

Since then, SCARS has been analyzing new threats & developing new training programs for Elite Forces as well as the Public world wide.

Learn how YOU can erase fear from your life, and survive any attack!

In a violent attack you have less than 1 second to take action. It's now a proven fact that both FEAR and defensive training create points of hesitation in the brain. For some this hesitation is seconds, but for others it's total mental shutdown! Either way it's long enough to get you killed especially if it's a mugging or even real combat!

Our proven science makes you 50% faster at not only making the most critical decision of your life, but taking the correct action! SCARS gives you the mental and physical solutions to survive situations that others are afraid to even address.

This means with our proven science, YOU can, no matter your conditioning, size, age or gender, systematically destroy any active shooter, psychopath, criminal, or terrorist. We have made it extremely easy for you to start learning right now!

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Development of SCARS at Naval Special Warfare Command

Official SCARS US NAVY SEAL Documentation and History

Naval Postgraduate Study on Fear Elimination

LCDR proves SCARS Offensive Mindset with empirical data.

Since 2006 SCARS in "Real-World" Security

Upgrading forces in Iraq and Pakistan to meet US Congressional Approval.

Police Officer's Standards & Training Approved #0005160

P.A.C.T. A New Level in Training Proven to Reduce Liability


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"I can kill you with my pinkie finger!"

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"48 Hours of SCARS"

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SCARS develops solutions to variable threat environments based on scientific protocols originally developed for US NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND, known as the US NAVY SEALs. We do not teach "self-defense" which forces you to figure out how to apply a global system against threats you never trained for. We analyze your "threats" and develop specific training programs that teach you how to eliminate the threats ability to function.

SCARS has a 30 year track record of training the military's top men, and private security teams to do things that were once considered impossible. We would like to take this opportunity to show you what SCARS is really all about. Military, Law Enforcement, Government, Corporate, VIP and Civilians can all get the right training.

Keep in mind, you don't have to be military to learn SCARS. The tactics we teach are used in real life scenarios that could happen to anyone. Now you can take advantage of the knowledge and power that comes along with such a distinguishable recognition from anywhere with any device!

See What People Are Saying!

We are the Black Sheep of the Self Defense world!

SCARS exposes the truth about all martial arts & fighting systems!

Therefore, we are proud to be the most hated, most misrepresented, most lied about, most copied, and the most envied system in the world!

Yet, we have never been duplicated in the Sciences of Human Conflict nor in our deeds or accomplishments of historic value.

We are loved by those that seek the truth, and hated by those that can’t understand the science!

We hide nothing about the science of human conflict.

Stand alone to survive, SCARS will save your life!

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