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SCARS - Military Combat Training, Law Enforcement Tactics & Redefining Public Self Defense! Learn to Survive All Attacks!

Learn how You can erase fear from your life, and survive any attack!

In a violent attack you have less than 1 second to take action.

It's now a proven fact that both FEAR and defensive training create points of hesitation in the brain.

For some this hesitation is seconds, but for others it's total mental shutdown!

Either way it's long enough to get you killed especially if it's a mugging or even real combat!

Our proven science makes you 50% faster at not only making the most critical decision of your life, but taking the correct action!

SCARS gives you the mental and physical solutions to survive situations that others are afraid to even address.

This means with our proven science, YOU can, no matter your conditioning, size, age or gender, systematically destroy any active shooter, psychopath, criminal, or terrorist.

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What Is SCARS All About Anyway?

SCARS develops solutions to variable threat environments based on scientific protocols originally developed for US NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND, known as the US NAVY SEALs. We do not teach "self-defense" which forces you to figure out how to apply a global system against threats you never trained for. We analyze your "threats" and develop specific training programs that teach you how to eliminate the threats ability to function.

SCARS has a 30 year track record of training the military's top men, and private security teams to do things that were once considered impossible. We would like to take this opportunity to show you what SCARS is really all about. Military, Law Enforcement, Government, Corporate, VIP and Civilians can all get the right training.

Keep in mind, you don't have to be military to learn SCARS. The tactics we teach are used in real life scenarios that could happen to anyone. Now you can take advantage of the knowledge and power that comes along with such a distinguishable recognition from anywhere with any device!
The following concepts provide the crucial knowledge to survive all attacks.

Program yourself to Eliminate self-doubt!

Get the first stage of controlling your life and learn to begin to eliminate all fear in your life, not just in extreme situations. Found in “Building Blocks Of A Fearless Life”
Scientific studies have proven our method true and 50% faster at making not only a decision of action but THE CORRECT ONE!

Eliminate all forms of physical attacks.

Covering all physics and geometrical constants that eliminate the ability for an attacker to do what they are good at. We are talking all methods of attack:
Punching, Kicking, Leverages, Grabs, Grappling, Multiple Attacker etc.

The secrets to making any weapon a joke.

Covering the worst knife and club or sword attacks imaginable in our 03-Edged and Impact Weapons Series (Knife & Club Elimination). Not only will you learn to stop any type of real knife or club attack; we will show you how to use them! In fact to the point that you will be too deadly to even want to mess with carrying a knife or club…unless you mean business!

Proper Firearm Disarmament and Retention

Face it, most people feel helpless when someone’s got a gun. Like there’s nothing you can do, but that is not the case! We show you how to get out of the worst of hostage and real world situations. Not only that we show you how to control where the gun may go off in order to save those around you!

Military - Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary Systems – Combat Fighting Courses


Specifically developed for Military Forces. Not released to the public. It is the one tool today’s modern Warfighter can not do without!

Mil-SCARS-CFC is a military specific system devised from real world combat actions. It is a direct engagement system derived from our Navy SEALs product known as SCARS CFC. Mil-SCARS-CFC has been upgraded and redefined into today’s Military operational protocols and areas of conflict. This program is not available to the general public.

Mil-SCARS-CFC focuses on increasing today’s Warfighters’ personal and team tactical responses under direct enemy engagements. Its foundation creates verifiable higher coordination skills, a more stabilized mental structure and an increase in reaction time to variable dynamics that lie within extreme areas of conflict. Thus allowing the warfighter to control his environment with Lethal and/or Non-Lethal actions.

Whether the conflict is as simple as conducting an interview that turns physical and must be controlled with non-lethal response. To a conflict as complex as a counter ambush reaction, or as extreme as surviving an overrun engagement wherein the warfighter must utilize hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon skills to survive.

We instruct, as well as offer Basic and/or Advanced level Certification to instruct MIL-SCARS-CFC. Read Military Reviews and SCARS development at NSWC

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PACT Police Training

What you have learned in the past may be hurting your ability to do the job right. Understand the body in a different light and get the job done right! P.A.C.T.’s physical side is focused on reducing risk due to injury and decreasing departmental liability through physical control moves that handle the most extreme situations.

P.A.C.T.’s control tactics are based on physics and geometry, and have been used on the street where the criminal element lives. Your officers are getting field-tested tactics – not theory. P.A.C.T. is not martial arts. Its fundamental process has been used in extreme environments of both military and police actions.
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If you're an individual officer looking to further your skills:

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Training Programs for Executives / VIPs / Security Teams
  • Proactive Countermeasures Against Physical Assault
  • Kidnapping / Hostage Countermeasures
  • Understanding the Function and Capabilities of Personal Weapons
  • Vehicle Hostage / Kidnapping Countermeasures
  • Onsite Security Positive Assertive Control Tactics

SCARS offers best in class, 1 on 1 training that will suit your personal or corporate security needs. Our Corporate Training programs are designed to accommodate the physical aging process of diminishing coordination, physical strength, problem solving, pain tolerance, and physical limitations that simply come with age and maturity. Including the psychological pressure of serving in a high-risk area that affects even the best trained security personnel. Taking the above factors into consideration our programs are suitable for any age group and gender.

Our programs utilize proprietary knowledge of threat recognition, elimination, and escape tactics. This knowledge and associated tactics are licensed in part to the US Military Special Forces and are actively utilized by today’s warfighter. All training and information falls in compliance with UN/NATO and US “use of force guidelines”.

Each program has been specifically designed to focus on educating and training corporate Executives and Employees of international Corporations that deploy their personnel to high-risk areas. We also have a standardized Security Personnel / Guard Staff training program for “Onsite Security” utilized by law enforcement that has proven to reduce a corporation’s liability.

We have a combined total of over 60 years as active Contractors, Consultants and Instructors to US Law Enforcement and US Special Operations Forces. Our team is also active as Force Protection Consultants for deployment of F-16 Security to International Corporations in Iraq, Pakistan and other high-risk countries around the world.

Our experience is combined with 40 years of proprietary research on the science of human control under stress of high-risk actions. This total combination of experience will ensure the best possible outcome for yourself and/or your most valuable assets.

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We are the Black Sheep of the Self Defense world!

Why? Because SCARS exposes the truth about all martial arts & fighting systems!

Therefore, we are proud to be the most hated, most misrepresented, most lied about, most copied, and the most envied system in the world!

Yet, we have never been duplicated in the Sciences of Human Conflict nor in our deeds or accomplishments of historic value.

We are loved by those that seek the truth, and hated by those that can’t obtain the SCARS sciences or understand its truth!

We hide nothing about the science of human conflict. Don't follow the herd to slaughter!

Stand alone to survive, SCARS will save your life!

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