What's the difference between the foundation of SCARS and other self-defense systems like, Martial Arts, MMA, and Krav Maga?

The biggest difference is these systems of self-defense development movements through personality, martial art form, style and then testing. Highly found in Krav Maga and MMA types, this process of trial by one on one fighting for development is slow in finding that unbeatable move or thinking process. It often leads to inappropriate moves and wrong emotional management should such moves and thinking be applied to real world fighting and/or life and death threats.

This is why Martial Arts as well as Mixed Martial Arts are in such a high state of change all the time. This process is always going to bring in to play the 40 to 60 rule. Meaning 40 percent of the time it will work but 60 percent of the time it fails to work! This percentage will change, depending on the person, meaning some people think better and therefore win more often, but their moves and thinking process are still within the 40-60 rule. So, eventually they will lose.

Now put this in perspective when your life is depending on how you move and how you think. Is this what you want? 40 percent of the time you'll live, but 60 percent of the time your DEAD! Even if you are that one in a million person that has only lost just once in your life you are still using a 40-60 system. The reason you are a champion is because you’re brilliant at thinking your way out of your problem. Time was on your side and you used it well. Yet you are still using a 40-60 system.

The S.C.A.R.S. fighting method does not deal with the concept that time is on our side. Time is always the enemy of combat. Therefore S.C.A.R.S. fighting method uses applied sciences to find where one must be and what one must do to eliminate the time paradigm of human movement. You see; it is not the punch you throw, the leverage you do, the kicks or knife you can use, nor the gun you can shoot that will save your life.... It’s about how you perceive time and how you control it that will save your life. So if you don't understand this or don't believe us then join the 99% of the world and follow the 40-60 rule.

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