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Does S.C.A.R.S. Certify Others to Teach the System?

We get this question a lot.  Due to the nature of the system here is some information regarding the topic.

Originally Jerry Peterson / S.C.A.R.S. "SCARS" licensed the Department of Defense a SCARS Instructor program.  Every man that went through the Instructor program (as well as trainees) signed documentation that forbid them from training SCARS outside of the military.

Instructor level training of SCARS has only been offered inhouse to either Military or Law Enforcement.

SCARS is a registered trademark and all training is considered proprietary.

To this date we have not certified any person, entity or agency to publicly train SCARS or programs developed by SCARS in any manner.

The reason for this level of scrutiny is due to the normal degradation of information.  SCARS is so straight forward due to the scientific based processes of the system that it can be misleading in replication.

The Original SCARS Standard

Our standard NAVSPECWAR Level One Instructor program was originally 300 hours or 30 days of 10-hour days.  That qualified the graduates to teach a 40-hour course.

As of today, Blake and Jerry Peterson are the only two men licensed to teach SCARS to the public, period.

If anyone is claiming to teach SCARS or a variation of SCARS and/or is using our trademark name "SCARS" is doing so illegally.

We hold our proprietary system and it's sciences to highest level.  Therefore, we do not offer any certification program, license or franchise to allow anyone to publicly offer SCARS. 

This keeps you alive and allows us to sleep at night knowing our information is not being degraded in any fashion.

New to SCARS?

If you are new to SCARS please understand that is why it is so important to access our video and live seminar training.  Both Jerry and Blake have devoted their lives to creating lifesaving educational packages that get you the information you need to both survive and change mentally to a more positive person.

That's why we offer several ways to get access to SCARS, online "anywhere you get a connection", dvd/cd packages, and centrally located live seminars in the US, Knoxville, Tennessee.

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