Eliminate Fear Forever!

SCARS was developed as an internal problem solving system housed in the primal area of one’s brain. Consciously and subconsciously applied, it works against known, unknown, internal and external threats.  Meaning, once you learn the core principles of SCARS combat fighting you can apply them to situations that you have not yet experienced. Your brain will have the ability to instantly solve both mental and physically variable situations.

Although its roots stem from warfare and the Special Operations community, Jerry L. Peterson, the developer of SCARS combat fighting, discovered that his principles of science would be the key factor in giving humans the ability to permanently eliminate fear.  Incredibly, it is not a philosophy, it is proven scientific fact. This science has been shown to be true by the founder as well as an impartial team of scientists and doctors responsible for proving the validity of SCARS combat fighting before the Navy could officially approve the program (see about). More recently, 3rd party empirical studies (read here) completed at the Naval Postgraduate School in December, 2012 further demonstrate the validity of our claims.

In general, SCARS is the educated persons training system.  In fact, when SCARS combat fighting was being developed at SEAL Command, it was found that a certain minimum level of IQ was required in order to understand and use the core principles of SCARS.  SCARS combat fighting is not a form of “martial arts” or “self-defense” and while outsiders may claim it is, this only proves their lack of knowledge of the science and parameters of training human function under stress. SCARS is for those who want to absolutely know what to do if their life is ever at risk.  Please, take advantage of your “free videos” and links to “get SCARS trained”!