How can Jerry Peterson claim SCARS is not a rip off of martial arts?

For those who have been told SCARS is a rip off of martial arts:


To think that somehow Jerry Peterson tricked Naval Special Warfare and the DOD is total nonsense, learn why.

  1. In 1987, due to his war experience, Jerry Peterson was asked to come to US NAVY SEAL Headquarters (USNAVSPECWARCOM).   At that first meeting he solved problems about tactical entry that NO other person in the world was able to.  Later he was contracted to develop 4 separate programs/ schools of instruction known as the SCARS Project.


  1. It was NO secret to the US Special Naval Warfare Command (NAVY Seals) that Jerry Peterson had a martial arts school and was a martial arts master. In fact SEALs would come and train in new SCARS principles at Jerry’s martial arts school after hours.
Listen to Peterson back in the 90's explaining his background.

CLEARLY Jerry never hid his past, even at live seminars he shares the good and bad of systems learned. Jerry also steers clear of talking bad about what he has learned, which is why he does not mention specific styles.

  1. The US Navy SEALs officially stated, “SCARS is without a shadow of a doubt not to stem from any martial arts.”  UNDERSTAND the SEALs in charge of testing and approving SCARS were required to have certain qualifications to do so.

    They had to either:

    • Have extensive combat backgrounds.
    • Be very high-ranking martial artists/professional fighters.
  1. Ever heard of background checks? To think Jerry Peterson hid his extensive war background, martial arts training, and his employment, in other words his life from the US Government is ridiculous. At some points during the development of SCARS there were men stationed out in front of Jerry’s house, NOTHING was a secret!

Remember, SCARS covers so much more than "fighting", subjects that martial arts can not address! 

Jerry states, "35% of martial arts is science based."

This means 35% of all movements found in martial arts will be found in SCARS.

Jerry never claimed to invent the punch, kick, leverage, throw, stance and more!

What We Actually Claim in Regards to "Fighting"

What Jerry did was apply science to prove what will work and how to make you be able to actually use it in a true fight with resistant persons.  When Jerry did this, it created new movements and concepts never shown before in any fighting system.

Jerry used applied science to create a specialized physical training process.  

He also created the scientific process to solving complex physical problems found in environments with geometrical limitations. This is where you will find inconsistencies from martial artists who are using incorrect movements and defensive reactionary thought processes, which in turn get others killed.   

Finally, he developed a training process to eliminate fear (SCARS Offensive Mindset), now proven by outside sources through science to give you the best result.  

In Conclusion

Those that must personally attack and defame Peterson to gain credibility created the whole idea that Jerry lied, hid or stole something.  This is a great tactic because it creates unfounded "hate" without need for any real facts. Unfortunately, even some SEALs have been mislead by others.

Some Martial artists lie about how much Jerry learned because it makes them look bad if you knew he was a "Master" in their art and moved on.  What people should be asking is, "if that system was so great then why didn't he just teach it to the government?"

The truth is, once a couple of reporters dubbed SCARS, “the most successful training system, grossing over a million in the first couple of months of video sales” was when martial artists began either attacking or associating themselves to SCARS.

Therefore, it is ridiculous to claim SCARS doesn’t work because those who represent the martial arts that supposedly "SCARS is a rip off of" (or have associated themselves in some way to Jerry Peterson) have lost in challenges or fights.  This truly proves nothing; especially when you see fighters using other systems lose all the time in the "octagon".

We admire anyone willing to help others! We love martial arts and do not see martial arts as a competitor; we see them as a different industry that SCARS can help with.

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