Why do so many marketers claim their fighters have trained the SEALs?

Marketers can safely use the acronym “SEAL” in their advertisements without having to worry about being sued because it is a generic term like “cop” or “fireman”. That is why SCARS is very specific and only uses the official term, “Naval Special Warfare Community”. We then immediately back up our claims by freely and openly providing the official course numbers and official documentation from the United States Navy. Click here to see official SCARS documents.

Are you willing to put your life in the hands of a person that trained one SEAL in a dojo?  Would you be confident in the training provided by someone that was contracted for a short-term training evaluation and subsequently dropped?  We wouldn’t either!  A great place to get started is the ORIGINAL SCARS 40hr. Combat Fighting Course available in our SCARS Online Training Programs.

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